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Another Week of Firsts (Friday Catch Up 2/2)

It was another week of firsts for our little family! I am having so much fun, and there is so much to catch you up on!

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Friday Catch Up 2/2

1) Emmie is now a week and a half, so that means that Tuesday was her first full week. We celebrated by trying out new things!

  • Her Rocker Thing

I brought it out so that Ridley could get used to it before we turned it on (it rocks and plays music and things). Ridley didn’t seem to mind, but she was entranced by the baby in there.

  • Retrying the Breast Pump

So I was definitely doing it wrong the first few days that I did it, and I actually caused damage to my nipple. I will explain later (I’m putting together a quick-and-dirty tips for new moms from this amateur mom post), but I figured it out, and I had a #momsohard moment as I rocked Emmie with my foot while pumping with one hand and drinking (still mostly decaf) coffee with the other.

  • Pants!

Technically the next day, but whatever.

I have decided that pants on babies (especially newborns) is kind of like heels at the beach: it is an aesthetic choice and not necessarily a practical one ie it doesn’t make much sense, but you have to respect the person for going for it. Alex’s former co-chief sent us a little present of clothes and in there were pants, so of course we had to try them on! 

Also, this package was totally awesome because I didn’t buy enough NB (newborn) sized clothes (I have 0-3 covered, but not NB), so to have some NB was awesome and much appreciated.

  • Taking Ridley Out with Emmie in the BOB!

So we tried to do this on Tuesday, but someone was a little/lot fussy, so when Kate came over to help out with Ridley (she is our awesome dog walker), my plans of all of us going out together were thrown out the window as Emmie had her first legit daytime meltdown. We finally got our fur- and human- #momsohard moment on Wednesday when I got everyone loaded up and out the door for a walk! An hour late due to a need to eat, but STILL. And I was SO proud of Ridley, who was perfect on the leash alongside the stroller.

The next day? Ridley was insane, and Emmie was cluster feeding. Me sigh.

  • Went the Grocery Store

This was in the afternoon Wednesday. We needed ice cream and baby carrots as well as tortillas. And Pocky. And Hershey’s kisses. And tuna. You know, necessities 😀

2) Ridley Update

Thank you all so much for you <3 for Da Riddles, she is doing SO much better. Unfortunately, because of the Remicade infusion snafu, we didn’t get home from the hospital until later in the day, which prevented us from doing things the way we had planned (giving Ridley something that smelled like Emmie, etc). And then everyone showed up and it was just too much for her. 

But we now have a different dog! If you are interested, I will go through how we helped Ridley, but all I’m going to say right now is that I am so, SO proud of my little pupster. She still forgets boundaries sometimes, but she listens so much better, and she was just perfect on her walk. PROUD FUR MAMA

3) Improvements in Emmie’s Sleep at Night

On Monday on IG, I mentioned how Emmie had kept me up all night long (6 hours, actually), and I took to the internets for ways that I could improve the situation and then when I had my doctor appointment that day, those methods as well as a few others were confirmed by my OB’s nurse, who happens to be a pediatric/neonatal night nurse. I implemented the changes that night to IMMEDIATE results. She was a little fussy the next day (just insatiable + gassy) and the next night wasn’t perfect, but for a newborn she was a rock star. It won’t last forever, I’m sure, but I’ll take it when I can get it!

4) Random Excitements:

  • Presents for the Prentice Nurses

I got out the last of my Jessica’s Natural Foods chocolate cake mixes and made chocolate cake muffins for the nurses that took care of us at Prentice. OMG GET THIS MIX AND MAKE THEM

  • Birth Announcement

I also made Emmie’s birth announcements and ordered them, so once they are sent to our friends, I will post it here! Once they come, I can do thank yous and then I can just focus on the nugget. 

  • Getting to wear old favorite clothes as well as some new faves!

I got to wear my favorite Spyder jacket for the first time since last winter. It’s a bit snug, but I love it so much I don’t care 😀

I got the most comfortable nursing shirt–it basically just looks like a deep v wrap shirt but it stretchy and soft so you can pop a boob out at as necessary. 

  • I love my new job as mommy.

I love waking up and picking things up + organizing a little bit + snuggling with the pupster + pumping, then getting Emmie out and wrangling her, then (hopefully) taking Ridley out with Emmie for a walk, then coming back for lunch, then feeding Emmie on and off for a few hours (we are still working on getting the midday feedings a bit more spread out) then working on some projects or going to the store and then taking Ridley out for a quick walk, working on some more projects as we wait for Alex to come home, having dinner, and then family snuggles.

Yes, that is totally over simplified and over romanticized, but I really do love the domestic quality of what I am doing right now. Just like with my body, I am giving myself grace, finding the love and happiness in what I do, and just trying to enjoy and savor the moments as I can. Now, more than ever, every day is a never again in this lifetime moment. And I am so thankful for it.

  • Mom is here, Alex is off, my brother is coming, and life is good.

Alex is off for a few weeks of vacation (we rescheduled it once we knew the due date), other than 2 training sessions that he has to go to (of course), and my mom is here for the month (with the exception of a 5 day trip to visit my dad), and then my brother is coming to meet Emmie!


Honestly, I was nervous about being alone for a few days, was nervous about handling the dog and the baby at the same time. But the half Tuesday (with help) and the full day Wednesday (on my own) proved to me that I CAN DO THIS. I’VE GOT THIS. WE’VE got this. It isn’t going to be easy. There are going to be days that are better seemingly easier than others. But more than anything, more than any job I’ve had before, I was meant to raise a human. To be overwhelmed and humbled and nervous but devoted and determined and enamored and happy.


I know, this is a bit much. But there is so much I want to make sure that I remember for the future. 

Thank you all for reading this, for indulging in my exploration of this evolution of my life.  I know I’m not commenting much right now, but I am keeping up with you all (I have to do something while nursing at zero dark thirty, lol).


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