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All Sorts of Announcements + Bogg’s Trail Butter Giveaway!


It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I’ve had more than enough serious thoughts in the past few days, so let’s have some fun ones, right? Also, I have a giveaway for trail butter that even our northern neighbors (cough, Canada) can partake in! Let’s dive right in!

Coach Suz Training New Logo!

So excited to unveil a little something that I’ve been working on over the past week: the new logo for Coach Suz Training!

Coach Suz Training is a personalized approach to fitness and healthy living. Run a marathon, get started on your journey to health; regardless of what you do, live beyond expectation!

You might recognize the outfit from the Chicago Marathon

Susie's race day outfit for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Nike Zoom Elite 8, shorts, Feetures socks, Lululemon Run Swiftly tank, Brick Betty Bra, Flipbelt, Headsweats visor, and Target sock arm warmers. Read her race review and recap at

I made the choice not to include the Narwhal arm warmers in the logo, though. I just didn’t think that they would show up properly and, well, you can’t do that to a Narwhal. 

So for those of you who have been hinting that you would like to chat about personal fitness training or run coaching, please check out my new pages and get in touch with me at coachsuztraining (a)

What. Are. You. Waiting. For. Do it now.

I love Coach Suz's new logo! and a @BrickBetty trunk show? I'm in! #fitfluential #sweatpink #runchat Click To Tweet

Brick Betty Trunk Show and Fit + Fab Ladies’ Event

Another little matter of business: I finally have my first Brick Betty Trunk show on the books! It is taking place December 4 at South Loop Strength and Conditioning. 

FitFabFriday ladies only event at South Loop Strength and Conditioning. This event will be the perfect time to check out Arbonne skincare and Brick Betty Performance Fitness apparel! Sign up at or check out the details at

I will have a fleet of Brick Betty on hand for you to try, and if you purchase Brick Betty from me at the trunk show, you might just find a little bit extra thrown in for you! Come work out and refresh with myself and my cohosts MVP Chiropractic, Live For You Now, and Arbonne.

Finances on Fleek?

Alex and I had a meeting with a financial planner yesterday. I understood about as much of what we were talking about as I would a goat speaking Swahili. I’m a smart person, I understand… things…, I was quite good at math, but this is just not my jam. I’m more of an “I know I’m spending too much why don’t you just make more money, dear” type of person. I can do it by feel. ish. Luckily, Alex’s more math-sciencey brain can handle these things. 

Holiday Menu Planning

I’m starting to plan our Thanksgiving menu beyond the fact that we know we are having the Turkey Cranberry Pumpkin Enchiladas. The menu 2 years ago was amazing, but do I want to recreate the same one? Last year I basically did for Alex’s and my Thanksgiving, and it hasn’t failed me yet. I definitely think it might be time to resurrect my Cranberry Cupcakes.

These Cranberry Cupcakes make the most amazing and delicious holiday dessert. Perfect for your table or for any potluck you might have! Fresh Apple Cranberry Chutney makes them even better. Get the recipe at! @suzlyfe Perfect for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Sadly, I don’t have any more Michigan apples for the Easy Apple Cranberry Relish (Gluten Free, Vegan). Hopefully I’ll see if I can get my #likeaSuz on and come up with something that will blow everyone’s knickers off. 

Appetite Out of Control

Speaking of Thanksgiving eating, I am wondering if I am in for it with the holidays. My body and brain have been so out of sorts since the marathon: first I was marathon training, then we went on vacation and ate all the things, and then I came back…. and got really injured. And the emotional distress of that has sent me into an eating tailspin. I never got the chance to transition back to my regular, less carb-focused off season diet, so I’m still om-nom-noming and seriously out of control. No, I’m not worried or stressing about it, but it is kind of annoying as going to the grocery store is a bit complicated right now! Oh well, I’m just fueling for recovery, right? And this is all glycogen for when I’m ready and able to run all the miles. RIGHT?

Bogg’s Trail Butter Giveaway!

Talking about marathon training and foodie things provides the perfect segue into my giveaway, which is open both to the US and CANADA!! See, I told you that I loved you. You all know that nut butter is a crucial source of healthy fats for me (due to the way my body absorbs/doesn’t absorb fats). During marathon training, getting in sufficient amounts of calories and healthy fats is an absolute necessity for me, and I’ve become quite the connoisseur of nut butters. 

Marathon Training Nutrition Long Run Day Eats Suzlyfe

and food in general…

I introduced you all to Bogg’s Trail Butter a few weeks ago, and I am so incredibly excited that they are going to be the next in Suzlyfe’s Blogiversary Month Giveaway! 

Per the website:

Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting energy and nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts and home consumers alike, through the use of supplemental whole- food ingredients. Using a triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts as the foundation, dried fruits, seeds, nectar and honey and oils are added to create a tasty mixture fortified only with nature’s most energy packed foods.

This spread is a quick, convenient snack, which can be eaten alone or on crackers, bread, bagels, fruit, vegetables and much more. Trail Butter comes in various sizes, from single serving pouches to larger spouted, flexible stand up pouches that won’t take up unnecessary space in backpacks and bags before and after they have been consumed. Minimizing material usage and promoting eco-friendly packaging is key to the products mission.

Bogg's Trail Butter Variety Pack of nut butters are the tastiest spread for your active life!. Win it now at!

There are three regular flavors: Ozark Original, Expedition Espresso, and Mountaineer Maple. There is also a brand new limited edition flavor S’mores Stout, and $5 from every jar benefits Climb for Hope (for Breast Cancer). I was OBSESSED with the Ozark Original and when through that jar in a hot second. 

You can order Bogg’s via their online store or in person! Now, for the fun part:

Bogg's Trail Butter Variety Pack of nut butters are the tastiest spread for your active life!. Win it now at!

Bogg’s and I are giving away 1 of each of the original 3 flavors to 1 lucky reader! Open to US and Canada. Giveaway runs from Thursday 11/19- Friday 11/27.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If nut butter and trail mix had a baby... you would get @trailbutter. I want to win some! #yum #fitfluential Click To Tweet

Which flavor of trail butter are you excited to try?

What are you making for Thanksgiving, or your next big recipe?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

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