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Anniversary, Memorial Day, and Signs of a Great Vacation

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And I want to say quickly, a very, very Happy Anniversary to my incredible partner in crime (aka husband that I duped into marrying me). It has been 2 years since the most incredible weekend of my life (leading to 2 fantastic weeks abroad), and though some might say that they wish they could live that day over again, I wouldn’t touch it–it was too right. Not without imperfections, but just right–like us. I love you, Alex. And I hope that I get to say that the rest of our lives.

the look

Cuz you ain’t gonna get rid of me. Sucker. Want to see what our wedding was like? Check out my post from last year!

We are spending our anniversary but (me) going to the doctor x2 and work and (him) work but then we are going to dinner at Le Colonial, which specializes in French Vietnamese cuisine and is supposed to be awesome!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day and took some time to reflect on the day and its meaning–Alex and I kept it pretty well low key, what with trying to get our lives back together after being on vacation. That said, we also had some fun!

alicia suz bloggers memorial day

I got to have brunch with Alicia, a client and fellow blogger! We had such a great time, and chatted about all sorts of things for a few hours before Alex came over to meet me for grocery shopping (we didn’t even have milk for his cereal whoooomppp whomp whooooompppppp). I was surprised that we didn’t spend more on groceries, now that I think about it–must have forgotten something, lol. Guess I’ll have to go back 😀 Although, I would say that we are probably pretty good, considering that we went to 4 different stores over the course of the day….

Alex also went through his closet and we finally decided to take all the clothes that we have been compiling over the past 2 years to the Salvation Army–they got 6 HUGE bags of clothes and shoes, so I feel that we did our part!

Not Chicago, but from vacation, thus valid representation.

Not Chicago, but from vacation, thus valid representation.

A home cooked meal (of not massive proportions and without a ridiculous amount of alcohol following), the sun coming out (seriously, Chicago weather couldn’t make up its mind yesterday), and watching Seabiscuit (You know how I talked about Unbroken yesterday? Well, I followed it up with Hildenbrand’s other best seller, Seabiscuit). A really good day.

But what I want to talk today, albeit briefly, is what my voracious reading on vacation was a manifestation of!

10 Signs of a Great Vacation



1) You don’t need a vacation following the vacation, but you wouldn’t mind a weekend to get your sh*t together and do laundry!

I'm ingenious.

I’m ingenious.\

2) You realize that you haven’t watched TV in a week, save for a marathon of “epics” that you all watched the last day (BraveheartMaster and Commander, Troy, Star Wars Episode 3).

Why would you watch TV?

Why would you watch TV?

3) You are sunned, tanned, rested, and happy.

poolside tanning suz obx vacation

Well, maybe a little burned in a few areas (which was a natural consequence of being in the sun, and yes, you were wearing sunscreen) but that will fade in a day, a little tired (or just used to sleeping a lot, so you betcha that nap sounds like a good idea!), and definitely happy (even if the real world feels a little bit daunting. And, ok, you are terrified of your inbox. 

4) You are well fed but are ready to get back to a little more balance. No “guilt”–well, we all know the cure for that!–or feelings of detoxing —again, you know how I feel! — but those late night snack attacks are on hold for a little bit. 

I took a picture. But no guilt. Because Froyo. and because Sweetfrog.

I took a picture. But no guilt. Because Froyo. and because Sweetfrog.

Susie-Sized Cherry Limeade.

Susie-Sized Cherry Limeade.

5) When your plane is delayed (seriously, what is my luck??!!) for a bomb threat (via Twitter, mind you!) and you have to leave late, you happily take the time to finish your book (Seabiscuit) and your husband sits there and bemoans that he just wants to cuddle with the cat. 

I think he likes Zoe more than me.

I think he likes Zoe more than me.

Speaking of, when you get home, he just lays on the floor with the cat while you get dinner put together. 

6) You come home with all the clothes and possessions that you left with, plus some fun new finds that you got at a screaming deal. I’m pretty obsessed with my new sunglasses. 

I got a little running in! Not 100% but hopefully still improving!

I got a little running in! Not 100% but hopefully still improving!

7) You also bring home a lot of food that you either a) didn’t eat or b) can’t find back home.  Which we know I do. Also, said food comes in handy during your delay. And when you get home a bit late and need to make dinner!

8) You are on “vacation,” and not cooking or eating extravagantly, but you still have the time to make some fun new dishes.

peach basil protein crepes pancakes kodiak power cakes suzlyfe recipe

And go to some fun places to have dinner with the local delicious food!

mahi mahi fish tacos tortunas lie obx


9) You are still a-ok with spending time with your husband. Trust me, when on a Sunday to Sunday vacation, that can be a rarity! But you let each other do enough of your own thing while spending tons of quality time together alone and with others, to find the right balance. 

alex and suz beach

10) You realize, with a little remorse, that you didn’t take “enough” pictures. But there are plenty of moments captured in your brain, and just enough pictures to remind you of the other times. 


You traveled healthfully and actively, discovered new places, got yourself out of your usual route, and you feel ready to figure out what is next to come. 

beach morning obx

But for now? You’ll watch Seabiscuit, cuddle the cat, and soak up the last few hours of alone time that you have with your hubs.

What makes for a great vacation? #healthytravel #obx #memorialday via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

What are some signs of a good vacation for you? What do you most look forward to about coming home?

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