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Anesthesia Drunk (Egg Retrieval #2)


You’ve heard of love drunk, food drunk (which you have definitely heard about here!) and now we have anesthesia drunk, which I experienced during my second egg retrieval. What do I mean?

Let’s take a quick step back for those who don’t know the ins and outs of IVF. 

Ok, now that you are all caught up, let’s talk about yesterday, and this second cycle of egg retrieval in general.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve continued to handle the stimulation medications well, and this time around, we increased my dosage with the hopes of getting bigger better badasser follicles and eggs. Last time we only got 5. I stim’ed well, things progressed nicely, and I didn’t really even start to feel my ovaries (seriously, you can feel them) until Thursday of last week, a week and a half after starting stim meds. I continued with my walks, I had some drinks but never went overboard, and though my sleep suffered due to anxiety dreams, I rested as much as I could otherwise. Overall, a very good stim cycle!

I did my trigger shot Saturday night at 10 for a 10 AM egg retrieval on Monday, and after a delicious dinner at Green Street Smoked Meats and some dessert at home, I fasted until my procedure.

Egg Retrieval Day

Well, the whole “nothing by mouth” bit is annoying, but you can handle it, and this time, I wasn’t so hungry or even that thirsty, probably because of my huge dinner and extra calories after (knowing that I wouldn’t be able to eat the next morning). Last time, I was pretty hungry, so I nailed it this time.


I seriously think of You’ve Got Mail every time I think about the egg retrieval

Anyone that knows me knows I HAMMER liquids. This is part of the reason that Alex and I share drinks–it slows me down. I don’t really do “moderation.” In food or drink. Anyway. Apparently I was really dehydrated, an issue that will come into play shortly.

I left home and walked downtown in a bit of a wind tunnel to phototherapy (it takes all of 5 minutes) before picking up Alex at his office on my way over to the clinic, all of which are connected via building to building skyways. We headed up and arrived a few minutes early. Whatever, next time we are getting there freaking late because we are ALWAYS the first to arrive, the last to be called back. Alex had to go (“doctor things” or nonsense like that), so we checked with the necessary people before he bolted. I had a few more minutes of waiting but not bad. By the time I got back there, I had just under 2 hours to wait before my procedure was scheduled (apparently, anesthesia thinks that is necessary). 

I got undressed/redressed, got vitals, and then came the fun part. 

You've heard of love drunk, food drunk, and now we have anesthesia drunk, which I experienced during my second egg retrieval. @suzlyfe

Something else you should (or already do) know about me. I have amazing veins. Like, those suckers POP. Alex makes fun of me for it. I can count (before this, twice) the number of times that I have had to have multiple sticks other than situations where the tech sucked or my veins rolled, and even then, I can count on my hands the number of occasions for a restick.

This time… it took three people, five sticks, and 3 different needle sizes to finally get into a vein. Also, this took about 20-30 minutes. This baby is making me earn it!

After that, I read on my Kindle for a bit (laptop wasn’t happening after all that craziness) until the doctor and the anesthesiologist came back for consent etc. A little while later and we were go! 

I confirmed my name to the person behind the metal door (in the lab), we set me up on the table, and before I knew it…

I woke up in the room and it was 10:40! Apparently, I was ZONKED. Like, ZONKED. We probably started me at 10:05, and the procedure takes about 10 minutes. But a) I’m a lightweight and b) I’m a lightweight, and this time, the anesthesia literally made me feel like I’d had a cocktail. 

Not going to lie, it was a little weird, but not that bad, lol.

I hosed a bag of pretzels (yeah, right, only going to eat a few) and hammered water, and when Alex arrived, he looked at me kinda weird (he later told me I had a crazy look on my face), and then insisted that I go with him to his office, which I wanted to do anyway because I wanted a decaf coffee and candy. 

Irene's Biscotti in Vanilla Pistachio is the BEST! @suzlyfe

He told me to stay there for a bit, but I was high on power, pretzels, the news that we got TEN EGGS, and the fact that Whole Foods and my favorite biscotti were on the way to my lunch meeting, so I bolted (sshhhhhhh don’t tell him). I loaded up at Whole Foods, met my Team Challenge co leaders at Sweetgreen, and then took the bus home, where I ate the entire box of biscotti.

Sweetgreen Rad Thai salad with shrimp and all the veggies! @suzlyfe

COME ON YOSHI! Check out Suz's egg retrieval story.. and her surprising reaction #infertility #ivf Click To Tweet

Literally, I was like a drunk co-ed coming home in the morning after a frat party. By that time, I was back to normal ish, but all forms of self control were gone. Also, time was going really fast, lol. 

And that is my story. 

SO, what does all of this mean? Well, we have 10 eggs, which is 2x more than last time, so that is a positive. We will find out today how many fertilized, and we are hoping and praying for a 5 day transfer with embryos that can be frozen. After that, obviously, we hope for a successful implantation and a little Yoshi growing in my belly!

I’ll have more news later, so check social media (links to my pages are at the top!) to stay updated. 

And on that note, I’m going to go fall asleep on the couch after a nice large dessert 😀

Have you ever been drunk on something OTHER than alcohol?

Do you have good veins?

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