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One Amazing Summer Weekend (Carbtervention)

This weekend was pretty damn fantastic. From start to finish, the weather was perfect, friends, food, and fitness were aplenty, and I got just enough relaxing in! Oh, and #allthecarbs. 

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The saga of the kitchen continues. I hopefully will have an actual report soon, but for now, please cross your fingers that we don’t have to move. I love our apartment, I love our neighborhood. Zoe has a tuffet. We can’t leave.

Friday night signaled a return to one of our old neighborhood favorites, Doc B’s.

Of course, we ate ourselves silly with our favorite dishes (you guys were dying over this pic on instagram!) and our favorite drinks. Plus, we got to sit outside (a theme which pulled over into Saturday). And people watch 😀

Saturday Happenings : Running, Carbs, Friends, Al Fresco!

Saturday, I got up bright and early for our last Team Challenge run, and my longest run before my upcoming half marathon.

Picture perfect morning for a run along the Lakefront Path! Love summer running in Chicago! Movement is such a gift.

It was a picture perfect day, perfect running weather, and such a great send off for the crew. I continued after to finish out my own long run, and in the end I covered 15 miles. A little bit of Sacro-iliac tightness, which I’ve been dealing with the past few days, but there is no pain on impact, so I think that it is just an overuse injury that I need to back off of for the time being (which is helpful, as I’ve got a crazy client schedule this weekend and then it is off to Blogfest!).

I came home and made myself a green smoothie with my Vital Proteins peptides–I literally was singing a song to myself about how I was so excited for my green smoothie, dishwasher and sink be damned–and it was AMAZING AND SO WORTH IT. I made this one a bit differently, and I might be sharing it later! After a bit, Alex and I went and picked up our wedding rings, finally ready from being cleaned and polished. One of the guys at the jewelers joked that “You’re like newlyweds again!” and I went “heh, yeahhh.” I got an “Don’t act so excited” in response. Well, bring me my rings and then I’ll get excited!

So excited to have our wedding rings back after getting them polished! @suzlyfe

We went to a nearby place, Orange, for brunch, and I was a little surprised by the lack of brunchy options! I liked their ideas, the execution wasn’t bad, but it didn’t blow me away. The search for my perfect brunch in our neighborhood continues. But we still ended up stuffed 😀 And I ate #allthetoast

Afterwards, we went to meet up with Alex’s fellow chiefs and their significant others (and a baby) before trying to find outdoor patio seating where we could get a drink, and we ended up at the usual Mexican place. And I ate another basket of chips. And Alex and I shared a margarita. Typical.

It happens Shrug meme

I basically am in need of a carbtervention. I ate a bagel that morning, all of the toast at brunch (including Alex’s), and a basket of chips. Refueling much? PS, just eating carbs isn’t the way to refuel, this is how to refuel. Luckily, I got in my protein smoothie with my Vital Proteins peptides and had eggs at brunch. BUT HOLY CRAP SO MANY BREAD CARBS.

We were meeting two of our hanging-out partners later in the day, but we stayed out to head to a nearby workspace to get some tasks completed (and I bought Alex a used Garmin! BIG STEPS). We ended up deciding just to stay out the rest of the afternoon and go for a walk before we met our friends for sushi up by Belmont.

I had a fantastic spicy seafood miso soup, by the way. Just so you know. Also, you know I love me some summer rolls.

White summer rolls at Hatsu Hana sushi at Broadway and Belmont in Lakeview Chicago. Delicious and gluten free! @Suzlyfe

And then we got froyo on the way home, and ended up staying because they had Cards Against Humanity. And, well, one must play.

Sunday : A Bit Atypical

Our Sunday was a bit atypical because Alex and I worked out on our own and didn’t really need to pick up groceries (I got a few for us). I got REALLY sweaty (yes, me!) at Soulcycle Southport for their Sunday Funday Survivor class.

It was a super high energy class, and basically completely filled. A beautiful walk there and back was the perfect start to my morning, and then finding out that Murray won Wimbledon made it even better!

That afternoon we were still feeling the weekend vibes and went to get our favorite hummus and guac platter and a few beers at Gaslight while watching the Euro Cup. It was a nice breath of fresh air from the stress of dealing with the apartment.

Gaslight Bar and Grille in Lincoln Park is a fantastic Four Corners Tavern with AMAZING Guacamole and Hummus! One of the best healthy appetizers in Chicago!

But no gym, laundry, groceries, or at least not in the usual way (and no laundry). Not sure when I’m going to get that done, but hopefully before Blogfest. Otherwise, well, let’s just say that things are going to be interesting. 

Dirty laundry meme

You know you think this whey you get to the bottom of your dirty laundry pile…

Now, to get through 3 days of chaos before I leave! 

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When was the last time you realized that you were just going overboard on a food group?

How was your weekend? Were you able to enjoy the weather?

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