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Alternative Uses for Running Gear (Coaches Corner)


Have you found any alternative uses for your running gear? I love to repurpose anything and everything, so you better believe that my running gear gets used for more than just running! Join Running Coaches Corner for more great running tips!

Alternative Uses for Running Gear

Alternative Uses for Running Gear @Suzlyfe

The Tuesdays on the Run topic was too good to pass up, so I am joining them and be sure to check out the other great posts from that link up as well for more ideas as to how to use your running gear in new ways!

Energy Gels + Run Fuel–Meetings, touring, colonoscopy prep

If you know that you are going to be in a situation that calls for you to be perky, or a situation where you know that you aren’t going to be able to get sufficient nutrition in but will need to continue through your day, you can (in a pinch) rely on the quick pick me up of energy gels and running fuel. I have used my beloved sports beans for just this purpose–I believe we were traveling; doing all that walking around was the recipe for a good old fashioned bonk Suz vs the World. I’ve also used (clear) energy gels during my colonoscopy prep when I have to maintain a clear liquid diet. Trust me, it isn’t jello and you are thankful to feel slightly normal for a bit! Just make sure not to overdo them!

Electrolyte Tablets–touring, summer hydration, sickness

I don’t particularly care for them myself now, but when I first started running, electrolyte tablets were just hitting the market, so I thought that I would try them out. when I was graduating from grad school, Alex came up for a week and got a TERRIBLE stomach virus while he was there. The boy needed hydration, and I had electrolytes! These are also great when you are doing touristy things or just spending a lot of time outside!

Compression Socks–wound compression, jobs where you are on your feet a lot, air travel

At the airport

I rely on my compression socks for recovery (and you know I will wear under dresses!) and when I am on my feet a lot at work, but you can also use compression when you need to apply compression to a wound (put a bandage on first). I also wear compression socks whenever I am on a flight for more than 2 hours–compression is a good idea for anyone in these cases, particularly women who are on birth control.

Wedding Outfit with Compression Sleeves Suz

So that I can dance all night!

Old Running Shoes–dog walking shoes

I love those shoes, I can’t let them go… so I will walk Ridley in them. FOR HOURS.

Running Shorts–dog washing shorts, car washing shorts, night sweat shorts

Pretty much any situation where you are going to get wet and will need to dry off quickly. They are made of tech fabric, are they not? They better dry quickly!

Running Shirt–spectator sports during the summer

It’s hot, you are sweating, wear the tech fabric. Doesn’t matter if it is for running. Plus, many running shirts are now so well designed that people might never know!

Running Tights–office wear*, double pants (under jeans)

If you look, you can see them!

Obviously, this depends on your office, but like with running shirts, running fabrics are often so artful and creative that you might be able to wear them with a neutral top and strong boot. This winter, chances were that if you saw me wearing jeans, I was wearing my Spyder tights underneath them. I would have frozen walking the dog otherwise!

Running Jackets–wear about town jackets, travel jackets

And a pic of Ellen! Me in my Spyder Ardour jacket

Running jackets are great for travel with all their extra pockets and (usually) they are easy to pack. I love my Spyder Ardor jacket and Caydence hoodie because they can be worn anywhere!

Put that running gear to (other) good use! Here's how #coachescorner #runchat #running #sweatpink Click To Tweet

One thing I will say is to use your nice running gear for other purposes with a bit of discretion. After all, you did buy RUNNING gear, and the gear is made for RUNNING. Don’t wear out your running shoes, etc, on meaningless activities. But then again, you paid for it, use it! Just take the best care of it you can, choose pieces that will last, and you will be happy for a long time to come.

Oh, and speaking of running and food and fueling the run, come back on Friday for a MASSIVE giveaway!

Do you have any alternative uses for your running gear?

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