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Resisting All You Can Eat Sushi Is an Exercise in Futility

I now know my weakness is all you can eat sushi. I cannot resist its pull. Check out my eats from Saturday and what else I’ve been up to!

Saturday was a day of FOOOOOOOD. And I took pictures, so I am joining up with the What I Ate Wednesday crew (Jenn, Arman, Laura), Katie for Marvelous Monday, and Erin for Weekend Snapshots!

I woke up for my coffee and a pre-run double rice cake and pb (you know how it has come back into my life). Then it was time to head over for coaching with Team Challenge and an easy 5 miles! Coach Bill and I were thisclose to matching again–I just had on dark purple shorts and he had on blue. 

Team Challenge long run day with Coach Bill and I twinning

From a few weeks ago.

Post run egg white oats with a bit of Greek Yogurt for the win after.

Who doesn't love melted peanut butter over oats? The perfect healthy breakfast!

Recycled from last week, but same idea (with a side of yogurt)

Before lunch, Alex and I took our rings to the local jeweler to get professionally cleaned and polished (something I’ve been meaning to do for… years). I’m wearing my David Yurman (that was my big birthday present a few years ago and that I wore in my wedding), but Alex is going naked, and it is freaking him out. Which I kind of love. 
Gaslight Bar and Grille in Lincoln Park is a fantastic Four Corners Tavern with AMAZING Guacamole and Hummus! One of the best healthy appetizers in Chicago!

Lunch was a return to Gaslight for their epic hummus and guacamole plate and chicken sriracha sliders.  

Chicken Sriracha Sliders from Gaslight Tavern in Chicago are amazing!

And like 87 Diet Cokes (it’s the weekend, right?).

A beautiful day for a walk in Lincoln Park!

Then we went for a long, long walk in our neighborhood, along the lake, along the harbor, before returning home to collapse on the couch so that Alex could finish Making a Murderer and I could have another Greek Yogurt and the top of a Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagel (which I had gotten that morning from the run!). Those things are made out of magic and sugar. 

And then I napped. And it was glorious. But I needed to recharge from a long week and get my strength up before what was to come….

 I can't resist all you can eat sushi! From Sushi Para I I in Lincoln Park.

And this was just ONE of the plates that the group of us shared. So. Much. Food.

Can I just say that going to all you can eat sushi is an exercise in willpower futility?  We met up with a group of our friends (the ones that are left!) at Sushi Para II in Lincoln Park for their all you can eat sushi deal–$20 a person, but you have to eat everything you order, otherwise, you pay for the extra! I don’t understand it, either, but I did my part to make sure that nothing was left. More than my part, truly.

But, luckily, when you are eating lean fish, healthy fats, and all the veggies, you don’t really feel quite so weighed down afterwards! All you can eat sushi is apparently the way to go if you want to UNLEASH without unleashing. The bottle of sauvignon blanc notwithstanding. Also, I still went by Yogurtland after for a little sweet treat 😀

Sunday, I spent the rainy morning Netflix and Chilling. If you didn’t know… there are new episodes of some of my favorite lesser known Netflix shows up!! After Alex woke up, we did our regular Sunday routine before Alex had to work on a bunch of things. Then Tiffany met me at my place for an epic adventure to try out the new CycleBar in Burr Ridge! 

Tiffany and I at the grand opening of Cycle Bar Burr Ridge! What a beautiful studio and great workout!

Cyclebar got Tiffy and even me sweaty (I can’t wait to see how my run this morning goes, lol), and the studio is GORGEOUS. The class reminded me of a cross between SoulCycle and Flywheel, and I would totally go if it was located closer to me!

The new CycleBar Burr Ridge is a gorgeous spin studio just outside Chicago.

And then Tiffany and I got sushi. Because that is what we do when we see each other. And I apparently can’t say no to sushi…

This Naruto roll was tuna, salmon, crab, and avocado wrapped with cucumber. How delicious is that?

This week is going to be another interesting one! I start the first of my fertility treatments this week, I’m going to be transitioning to a new role at work, the in-laws arrive at the end of the week (excited to see them!), and we have to prep for them to start ripping our floors up next week. #neveradullmoment #holdontoyourbutts

What would you do with all you can eat sushi? #dumbquestion #wiaw #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Finish this: Resisting All You Can Eat _____ is an Exercise in Futility.

Favorite flavor Panera bagel?

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