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Ain’t Nothing Better (35 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 10/1)

Ok, there a few things that are better, but it was a damn great weekend! Let’s get you Weekend Caught Up, shall we?

Did you see the Friday Catch Up? I talked a bit about Emmie skillz and fertility thrillz!

Friday Catch Up 10/1

1). It is finally not only officially fall, but it is offically feeling like fall around Chicago (Even though it is supposed to briefly warm up this week). Emmie is getting to wear so many of her new clothes! 

It was legit chilly Saturday morning, so we popped on her barn jacket. I will never be as cool as my kid. Toms booties, jeans, a dog shirt, barn jacket, and (briefly) a unicorn hat (thank you, Aunt Sarah!). She refused to keep the unicorn hat on, so it didn’t last long, but we will work on that. 

We talk about vanity sizing with regards to adult clothes, but can we talk about it with regards to kid and baby clothes for a minute? I’ve retired basically all non 9M clothes, but some of the clothes that I retired were as “small” as 3M and I just needed to phase them out because of the season. And two of the bottoms still fall off of her, while others you can’t consider getting on her (and those are “bigger”).

Also, shoes. They are supposed to be the same size (based on foot length), but I bought shoes and booties of all different sizes so that she would be covered throuhout the year. Um, I am just now discovering (as I pull things out) that they are all basically the same size. So she now has way too many shoes that fit or are about to, but the Toms booties are the goto because of the weather. LE SIGH. Luckily, I got them for an insane deal, so whatever.

2) Ok, weekend happenings.

Friday was a busy day for all of us–I got to do a solo run (what??) on the lakefront while Alex took the kids for a walk, then we went to Stroller Strides with #allthefriends (seriously, it was a great group!), finishing up at the Zoo. Alex met us there as we were going to do the Fall Fest playgroup, but it started sprinkling, and Emmie was still fighting naps; we didn’t want to chance a meltdown in a downpour.

So, Alex, Emmie and I went to lunch with Ali and Ryan at Cafe Vienna! It ended up be just the right move, because Emmie got to eat and play, we got a great lunch, and we were still back in time for a *mini* nap before Broadway and Me. 


A yummy dinner at home was followed up with me passing out at 8 thanks to Emmie’s sleep regression (I knew I’d be up later, and I was).

Saturday was another fun day, even though Emmie was up a little earlier than expected. It was gorgeous out, so we took a family walk to the dog park.

We got super lucky with Emmie taking a real nap for the first time since earlier in the week, and I got one as well. It seriously made me feel like a new person (though it took about 20 minutes after waking up).

Then it was birthday party time! It was an adorable 1st birthday at Purple Monkey Playroom, just a little bit away from us. I loved how they had toys for all different ages–there were toys for walkers, crawlers, and sitters, which I really appreciated. I also loved how the kiddo of the hour got a pumpkin pie as his birthday cake. It was delicious, and we gave Emmie a little bit because it was WAY lower in sugar than frosting would have been. Fall indeed!

Another round of crack fries and burgers and Goddamn Pigeon Porter (a hazelnut porter that is amazing) for dinner, and it was #onpoint.

Sunday was a blast as well, though completely different! But it started with friends, running, and brunch, so you know that I was SUPER happy. 

We met up with friends Katie and Ben (from Team Challenge days) for a Fun Run and Beer + Brunch hosted by Universal Soul and Odell Brewing at Bitter Pops. We ran the 4 mile course while catching up and then hung out with beer-mosas at Bitter Pops, but Alex, Emmie and I ended up leaving before the waffle brunch because Emmie was super tired. We got our own waffle brunch when we picked up Yolk on the way home, though!

A quiet afternoon of cuddles, playtime, sports, and groceries ended with dinner at home while Alex’s lunches for the week (Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken) cooked in the slow cooker.

3) The Run + Brunch was great, and also the furthest I’ve run since the end of June. We ran a little over 4 miles, and with all the walking to and from the venue, I’m going to take the next two days very easy to make sure that everything feels a-ok. My legs were still feeling all the squats and calf raises from Stroller Strides on Friday. I even wore compression socks just in case! Nothing a little foam rolling wouldn’t have taken care of, but I was lazy about it. My legs felt great during the run, I will say!

4) No real big Emmie updates from this weekend. We are working on getting her to drink a greater ratio of formula in her milk, but we had some great results as well as some refusals, but that could have had to do with being overtired.

We are “toofing” like crazy–I see her pulling at her ear in her sleep (due to pressure up her jaw) and she is chewing on anything that comes close to her mouth (and if that is your finger… OUCH). Those top two teeth are like a specter that we are awaiting! I’m thinking that some of her regression has to do with the teeth as well. 

Not making much progress with crawling, but after a big weekend last weekend, I expected a little plateau.

One aspect of this weekend that I was very appreciative for was some time with mamas and friends (who are pediatric physical therapists) who discussed milestones in a chill manner. As in, let’s take away the timeline and look at the overall progression of growth and development. 

I needed that! I think we all need that! It is SO easy to compare where your kid is at with other kids in classes, on the internet, and elsewhere, but you have no idea what age that kid is, if he or she has an older sibling, if they are having trouble with other skills, etc. I try to give Emmie her time, but I definitely get caught up in it. I need to let Emmie be Emmie, and not push her becuase of the timeline that I want her to follow.

5) This week is filling up!

Alex goes back to work, whomp whomp, but we will get to see lots of friends. Tiffy is joining us for dinner tonight (Monday), my mom is coming for a very quick trip Tuesday, we have Stroller Strides Wednesday, I’m looking at classes for Thursday, and Alex’s family comes on Friday for the weekend, plus we have Broadway and Me!

Also, it is officially pumpkin beer season 😀

Cheers to a great week!

What do you find yourself getting the most caught up in, comparison trap-wise?

Apple cider or pumpkin beer?

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