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Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!

I think that the “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat” meme is one of the most perfect illustrations of the modern world, both comically and seriously. On the serious side, society very much “does not have time for that,” and, in a #firstworldproblems sense, “ain’t nobody got time fo dat.” In reading the comments to yesterday’s post regarding fighting off the mid-winter blahs — BTW, I’m sorry that everyone is feeling so blah-ish! — I got to thinking about other things that we don’t got time for. So, in the spirit of thinking out loud, I thought we would have a little fun with America’s favorite meme. Suzlyfe Edition.

What Suz Ain’t Got Time Fo’

Ain't nobody got time for that is a perfect meme for moder times!

  • Spilling your coffee. Especially on carpet.

I hate waiting

  • Waiting for roasted vegetables. But then, when I do roast them…. so rewarding. But I can’t wait so then I burn the tar out of my mouth.
  • Waiting for food to cool off before eating. (If I can hardly wait to roast the vegetables, what do you think the likelihood is that I will wait for them to cool off?
  • Cleaning up the spaghetti squash/oatmeal/marinara sauce that just exploded in the microwave. Remember, no time for roasting things.
When people tell me I should clean.

When people tell me I should clean.

  • Taking a shower when hungry.
  • Doing, well, ANYTHING when hungry.
  • Setting up my light box to take proper photos. Thus why you get pics like this on a regular basis.
  • Making food/recipe testing apart from meal times. #fieldtested Remember the whole waiting for things when hungry? I rarely make food for recipes that I don’t then immediately consume.  Thus why the light box is rarely involved.

English Muffin with Pb for Breakfast Suzlyfe

  • Waiting for Greek Yogurt to harden in the freezer. I used to do that. And even then, I had trouble waiting for it.
  • Making elaborate food. You all know that I am a combo of semi-homemade (minus the Stepford Wife Factor) and Chopped
  • Making my own… anything that can be bought. Well, I take that back. I do make some things, but that is just because I like it better. But things like pizza and oat flour? Buying that. But then I won’t because I’m cheap. Except for the pizza. That I will pay for But I will only wait so long for it, thus frozen pizza and places like Blaze 😀

Blaze Pizza is fast fired deliciousness!

  • Giving up Chocolate for Lent. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Wait for the light to change before crossing. Or waiting for the crosswalk. I see an opportunity, I’m taking that sucker. 
  • And one of my personal favorites, as someone with a lot of doctor appointments: Confirming my appointment (unless I’ve forgotten about it) and confirming my insurance information (NO IT IS STILL THE SAME)

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

Laziness? Nah, I’m calling it selective energy exertion. Impatience? Nah, we’ll call it… excited about the future. It isn’t that I’m more important, or that my time is more valuable, I would just like to cut out the middle man and cut to the chase. Because I need to take a nap. That’s productive, right?
What is something that you ain’t got time for?
Are a naturally patient or impatient person?
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