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A Cure for Winter Skin Woes (Acure Organics Review)


Thank you all for the support and feedback yesterday! #herewego

Happy Anniversary to my parents! Is it 36 years now?? Aren’t you glad that they got married (cough cough cough wink cough)

Thank you to Sara (hope you are having fun in SF!) for hosting Tried it Tuesday, Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday, and Ange for the new Self Care Sunday! Want to try other new things! Check out my Fitness Giveaway Blog Hop for a box full of Fitness Swag!

If you have been a reader of my blog for any amount of time (are you new? In that case, Sup?), you know that I live my life by rule of nonsense and sense/rationality: Nonsense because, well, that is what goes on in my life and my brain and you must have a sense of humor to deal with the pratfalls of life; and sense/rationality as I am a rather analytical and straightforward person, when all is said and done. Case in point? My “beauty” routine. Let’s recap, shall we?

Mask on during post long run ritual.

Mask on during post long run ritual.

I, like many girls, used to be obsessed with makeup and hair stuff, perfume and nail polish, jewelry and glitter (holler to the Limited Too generation). In high school I wore full face make up (though done well), and I have curled my eyelashes every time I’ve worn mascara since about the 9th grade.

Now? My routine is simple: Powder, concealer, a little eyebrow color, eyelash curler, waterproof mascara, a little highlighter underneath my eyes. Powder eyeliner and eyelid contouring for events, and that is about it. I can do all of this without a mirror (and often do). And just about everything from a drugstore. I am just as straightforward when it comes to my skin: face wash, apricot scrub, the occasional mask (post long run, especially), the occasional retinol treatment (from a bout of acne), and moisturizer. Oh, moisturizer. All. the. moisturizer.

As we all know, (unless you live in Florida), when days get shorter and the temps drop, not only is winter coming to get us, but so is the season that all of us dry-skin folks fear: heater season. Aka The Time When Your Face Feels Like it Will Fall Off. I used to love Pond’s Cold Cream (gotta love that jar), but around here, even that doesn’t do it. $$$ designer creams are jokes. When I go out into the cold weather, I literally have put Aquaphor on my face (I’m certainly not the only one). But that is not so good for your pores…


Recently, I was lucky to receive a care package of samples from Acure Organics. To be honest, I had NO CLUE that it was coming, but boy did it feel like Christmas when I opened that box:

acure organics suzlyfe review

  • Castile Liquid Soap in Tropical Citrus

So this product actually mystified me. The label claims that it can basically save the world (which is a tall order, Acure), and I honestly didn’t know if I could take that advice very seriously or not. Online, though, Acure provides a whole slew of uses for this argan oil based soap, from mouthwash to bug repellent to laundry and the toilet. It is going to take me a bit of time to work through all of these claims, but I love the idea of something that is so gentle, yet effective, that you can clean a toilet as well as yourself with it. For families with little ones (of the human or animal varieties), this might be a great option for a natural, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner.

  • Argan Stem Cell + CoQ10 Dry Shampoo

Of the products that I was sent, I have to say that I am least impressed with the dry shampoo. It purports to absorb oil and grease while also conditioning, but I wasn’t that convinced. I do like the puffer action (you squeeze the bottle to dispense), but I think that I will stick to my Baptiste in this case.

  • Argan Stem Cell Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler

My hair, like my skin, has already started to scream for help. I am a habitual user of Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, and though I don’t see this replacing that any time soon as a detangler, I am liking the extra shot of moisture that my hair is currently enjoying. If you are living the dry/heated air nightmare with me, you might want to consider this.

  • Rose + Red Tea Balancing Facial Toner

As this is for normal to oily/problematic skin, I am not the best tester. That said, I have been using it anyway, just a few spritzes after I wash my face, and from what I can tell, my skin remains happy, skin tone even, pores refreshed. You don’t get any of that sucked-dry feel of some alcohol based toners–rather your skin feels almost happy after! An easy and no-mess toner option that I can tell really is helping to soothe my skin.

  • Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes (Unscented)

I am a HUGE fan of cleansing towelettes. I try to wash my face for reals, but sometimes, you just don’t want to. I am very happy with the effectiveness of these towelettes–my skin felt clean and fresh and ready for toner and moisturizer after.

The outright winners of the product offerings, in my mind are these two:

I love this balm. LOVE love love it. I honestly don’t taste or smell any chocolate when I use it–rather you get a minty freshness–but hello, lasting hydration. It just feels comfortable on your lips–not greasy, sticky, or instantly gone. It has become my go-to balm, and one of the few products that makes the rounds with me regardless of where I am going. It is made from organic products such as olive and coconut oils,shea and cocoa oils, spearmint and peppermint oils, and dark chocolate. There are no artificial oils, flavors, or scents–so potentially an option for those allergic to manufactured fragrance!

  • 100% USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

To say that I am all about this is to put it very mildly. Since the first pump of it–the morning of the Flag Football Tournament, after which I was outside and in the cold for hours–it was love. Just pure love. It is an oil, but your skin loves it, absorbs it, but holds on to the moisture. Plus, your hands get the benefit of the moisture after you swipe it across your face! Do you ever put on a lotion and 5 minutes later feel like your skin is drier than it was before? None of that. And no greasiness, like after putting on Aquaphor (ie my pores can breathe). I was able to put on make up about 2 ish minutes later (max), and my skin felt great all day long. I am really, really impressed with this product.

Thank you so much to ACURE Organics and my blog networks for the opportunity to try out these products! I have no doubt that my skin, hair, and lips will be so much happier this winter.

I was given the opportunity to try and review the Acure products, and I did so happily. Though I received the products gratis, as always all opinions are my own. Would you expect anything less?

How do you deal with winter skin woes? Are natural products a priority for you? Have you ever used an oil for skin care?

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