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A Week of Doctors (18 weeks, Friday Catch Up 6/1)

Between Ridley and myself, we basically spent this week at the doctors. And tomorrow, we fly with an infant for the first time! Spread the joy with the Friday Catch Up.

Did you see my post about our Anniversary Weekend?

Friday Catch Up 6/1

1) First off, can I get some applause for Alex, who FINALLY has more than 36-48 hours off at one time?!!! Thanks to his hard work and our scheduling following Emmie’s birth, we were able to combine his one week of scheduled vacation with his other week of paternity leave for 2 full weeks off for him. That means that he can go from being a full time (over time) doctor to a full time daddy! lol. And right into traveling with an infant 😀

And that is what we are up to this weekend–traveling! We are taking Emmie to Alexandria to meet her aunt and uncle and cousin (Alex’s brother, SIL, and nephew) and great aunt for the first time, one of my best friends, and to see my dad for the first time since she was born and my brother for the first time since mid-February. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous.

Alex somehow captured this last week…

Not because I’m feeling social anxiety or that the thought of everyone together is overwhelming, but I just am nervous because she vacillates between being totally fine and then going APE. Whatever, we will be with people who understand. Except for the fellow travelers. I’ll just give her to Alex. lol

I’ve been making lists of what we need to take with us, and we are planning to get to the airport early to make sure that we get through with the stroller etc without feeling rushed. Emmie is going to sit on our laps, and I’m just going to try to nurse her (which may or may not go well) and keep her distracted. Once we get to the east coast, I might demand that she take a nap (if she hasn’t already) before everyone goes nuts on her. Otherwise, we aren’t going to make it very far!

I’ll be ok once we get there and I know what I am dealing with (with regards to her). Until then….

2) Ok, let’s look back at the week! The big news is the continuation of Emmie’s big news from the weekend–solid foods! We continued to work on avocado, and she definitely got better and better, but NEWS FLASH FOR MOMS FEEDING SOLIDS a) she always choked a little per feeding (I only needed to assist her in clearing her airway 1x) and b) I am so glad we started with avocado and not food number 2, banana. 

a) The choking is to be expected (within reason, obviously) as she learns how to clear her airway and also how much is acceptable to swallow. Also, she just isn’t used to food. Even giving her a small amount, she would have a gag reflex at times. b) Ripe avocado mashes up so much more smoothly than banana, which still has a decent amount of chunk. We will get to purees before long, but she is still only having a few bites, so there just isn’t enough food to puree.

By the final day of avocado, she was pretty into it, but I think she was more into the spoon than anything–she would jump on the spoon! And then be like, oh, wait, what is this food… Banana, on the other hand, she actually wasn’t so keen on! I think it might have to do with the strong taste and the texture. But she definitely got better and better at eating each day (with help from mimicking Alex and I as we “chewed”). 

3) You might have seen that Ridley, Emmie and I took a trip to the emergency vet on Monday. Because why would she have an issue on a day when the vet is open? Since Emmie has been alive, Ridley has chosen the off days to need to go in. This time, it was her eye. On Sunday, we noticed some colored discharge from her eye and some weepy-ness. On Monday, though, I saw that her eye was swelling, there was much more discharge (not obscene, but I didn’t want it to escalate), and she was starting to poke at it with her paw. Everything I read said not to play with eye issues, so I loaded Emmie into her car seat, grabbed the diaper bag, and got a Lyft to the E-vets. Which was packed.

My travel buddy

Luckily, we were greeted by a vet tech at the front desk immediately, and after she looked at Ri’s eye (and the fact that I had a baby with me), she told me that the wait was 3 hours and, honestly, we could go home, get a cone of shame, and go to the vets in the morning. So, long story short, I turned around, called another Lyft, and we headed home!

I took her in to our vets the next morning, and THANKFULLY, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her eye. So my dog, who likes to divebomb into the grass like a ninny, has seasonal allergies and is on allergy medicine and an eye antibiotic/steroid. OH RI RI.

So she got to go to the doctor Monday and Tuesday. I got to go to the doctor Wednesday and Thursday.

4) I went to the GI on Wednesday and the dermatologist on Thursday, and the abridged version is that I’m doing well digestively but we are going to need to do labs and surveilance (aka colonoscopy) before long. It was great because Alex got to go with me! That was an unexpected treat 😀

The dermatologist was just me and Em, though, and it was a little more frustrating. I’m having some skin issues that flare and subside, again and again, and nobody really seems to know what to do about them. So we are trying a new course of treatment with oral and topical antibiotic and steroid to see if there is some underlying issue that we can nix. So I’m on an antibiotic for the next 2 weeks, which will make me super sun sensitive. And I spend hours outside a day. OY #firstworldproblems, I know, but they are still problems. 

I just want to get to the point that my nostrils and belly button don’t hurt. The skin is so inflamed that it can hurt to wear Emmie and so crusty at times I can’t breathe through my nose. 

So. Charming.

And now it is 2:30 AM and I am finishing this post after feeding Emmie. And my eyes are shutting themselves so it is probably time to go…

Yup, just had a micro-sleep.

Wish us luck this weekend!

Any big time secrets for traveling with a baby? 

What are you up to this weekend?

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