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Lyfe Treat Yourself Tuesday

A Very Happy Pre-Birthday #Treatyourselftuesday

Morning, fools! Did anyone catch a leprechaun? For those of you needing assistance, please consult the following instructional video:

God, I love the South.

publix Speaking of, I am so excited to return to my beloved South this weekend for the Publix Georgia Half Marathon!I do wish that I was running in it, of course, but I am pretty excited to spend the time pacing my mom as she walks it. I’ve never walked a half marathon before, though, so we’ll see how that goes….

My birthday isn’t until April 9 (REMEMBER THAT), but I have already started to treat myself to a couple of birthday presents. I don’t think that there will be that much treating the week of, actually. So I guess you could say that I am celebrating my unbirthday.

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

Because funds are a bit on the tight side right now, my treats aren’t too extravagant, but they are indulgent, if that makes sense.

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Part of my trip home this weekend will be spent at the salon, where my mangy mane will get tamed by my most trusted stylist. She did my hair for my wedding, and I’ve only had it touched once since, so let’s just say that it needs help. Originally I wanted to chunk it off, but now I’m thinking something not so drastic, but still substantially shorter. Thoughts? I was thinking a shoulder lengthish bob or perhaps:

crazy eyes

A totally extraneous purchase but certainly one of the little treats in life: perfume. I have been wearing the Coach Signature perfume for years and years now. I took a little break from it for a bit (basically because I ran out and it seemed so expensive), but I have returned to it and am now finishing up another bottle. Well, I got a 25% off purchase coupon from Coach, so it seemed like a now or never moment.Coach_Signature_Summer_2014

And I decided to get the limited edition summer fragrance as well, because I have always wanted it but never gotten it. A bit more than I would have liked to spend, but this should more than last me through to the next 25% coupon arrives (typically they are seasonal). Some people are all about a certain mascara or foundation or moisturizer that they swear by–this is my version. Scent, for whatever reason, is just important to me. And I have worn such a particular fragrance (though I sometimes layer it with Kiehls Musk No.1) that it is literallly identifiable to my friends and family. I can’t not smell like Susie!

seasons spread

Alex and I will of course be treating ourselves to a joint birthday dinner (our bdays are 11 days apart), and we are thinking about returning to Seasons 52. It was just so on point with regards to affordable indulgence and the flavors and variety that we appreciate.

CK pearl

The last tangible present I am planning on gifting myself is a necklace from a new friend’s jewelry line. Her shop on Etsy is CateKatan. Check her offerings out and help me choose! I’m thinking a giveaway might be in order in the near future…..

twin cities

My biggest treat of this birthday season? Drumrollllllll. I have officially registered for the Meditronic Twin Cities Marathon in October! This will give me plenty of time to properly prepare myself and to apply all of the lessons learned from last year to my training this year. The hamstring (knock on wood) continues to improve (I’m returning to yoga this week and, fingers crossed, some light jogging next week), and so I am really trying to rebuild my foundations in a way that will make me a stronger runner than ever. Unfortunately, I am going to have to push it a little bit for the LakeFront 10 miler in mid-April, but I am totally fine with walking parts of the course if that is what is best for my training. We shall see! But I’m incredibly excited for (I am certain) the completely different experience of this marathon compared to MCM. #herewego

Have you ever walked a half-marathon before? Do you like your presents to be secret or do you end up giving most of them to yourself?

Go and visit the CateKatan shop on Etsy and tell me your favorite pieces!

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