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A Series of Travel Fails #MIMM

Greetings Friends! Alex and I are currently in Georgia at my lake house (now my parents’ main home). Can I say that it is a bit hot? We’re cool (heh) with it, but yup, it is rather warm here in the south. As we spent ALL DAY Friday traveling (more on that in a minute) and then had a day of relaxing in Virginia and then driving the last of my stuff that was in Virginia down to Georgia on Sunday, I’ve mostly been on my phone and enjoying the time with our families, neither of which are conducive to writing! And I don’t like you all anyway 😛

Suz in Brick Betty!

It makes me beyond happy to hear how excited you all are about Brick Betty. It is definitely something that I am proud to be involved with–expect more to come, for certain, including discounts!

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Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Alright, now I have to tell you about our Travel Debacle from Friday. Goodness Gracious, Charlie Brown! 

Set the stage: Friday I go for my long run (12 miles in the heat and humidity. I wanted to do 13, but I honestly couldn’t convince myself to. It was struggle bus the whole way). Home to change, finish packing, go to work. Here starts the fun.

Lemony Snickets A Series of Travel Fails

  • Alex picks me up in a taxi around 11:40 from work. We arrive at Midway around 12:15 (we caught some traffic).
  • It takes us about 30 minutes to get through Midway security. It was AWFUL, but they did a good job of expediting us through. (We had a 2:00 flight)
    • Fail #1: Until they decided to search my carry on, and in so doing exploded the pancake mix that I was bringing my mom. All. Over. My. Suitcase. AWESOME.

OMG YAY not meme grumpy cat

  • Fail #2: In the hecticness of that, I tell Alex to go get us some lunch at Potbelly’s. Not thinking, I just say “roast beef, all veggies, light hot peppers.” So he gets me just that. Except I meant “Roast Beef Skinny, No cheese, all veggies, light hot peppers.” And the dude making the sandwich push double hot peppers on it, soaking it in oil. So obviously that was not fun, as I had been hungry since 11 and was now just done, particularly after the pancake mix episode. I got over it, but it was touchy for a moment.
  • We fly fine, land in Atlanta (HAH) for our connecting flight (supposed to be 6 PM). Then things start to fall apart.

Bird Hit Plane Alex Wants Tequila 

  • Fail #3:  A bird apparently hit our plane en route to Atl, and messed up the plane, so we got delayed 30-60 minutes. We had planned on meeting Alex’s fam for dinner, HELLO NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY. But that started look iffy…. (Gates: 1, Planes: 1)
  • Fail #4: We get on the plane about 30 minutes late. Not optimal, but we can deal. Flight attendant is giving the schpeel and gets interrupted by them opening up the plane and saying that we have the equivalent of a check engine light that keeps coming on, and they are going to restart the plane’s computers. That seems to work, and about 10 minutes after getting on the plane, we start to taxi. (Gates: 1, Planes: 1)
  • Fail #5: We taxi out for about 10 minutes (Alex like to tell this as being 30 minutes, but he lies). And then we are seemingly about to take off… and the light comes back on. So we return to the terminal. (Gates: 2, Planes: 1). We deplane and stand around but realize that it is going to be too late to eat with Alex’s parents so that in turn leads to….

Wolfgang Puck Express Mediterranean Tuna Crunch Salad At Hartsfield Airport

  • Success #1: THANK YOU WOLFGANG PUCK EXPRESS. You made this little lady VERY happy with this giant, fresh salad with everything I wanted and nothing I did not all for $12 (and I got some veggie stix, too). Compared with the salad that I paid $14 for in LAX that had no protein on and was gross-ish from sitting. But still. And Alex got an awesome Asian Chicken salad from them, but he enjoyed his from…
  • Fail #6: Gate 3, Plane 2. They moved us to a different plane after giving up on the first. So we had dinner there. And then the delay time kept extending….
  • Success #2: so I got froyo. worth it. And by that time it was about 8:45ish. And then I texted with friends and read random things on my phone until…
  • Fail #6: That plane was broken! So they decide to move us again. 

Susie Is Unimpressed with Travel Delays

  • Fail #7: Basically back to the original gate (literally one gate different). (Gates: 4, Planes: 3). And then we are standing there. And standing there.
  • Fail #8: Finally, they basically tell us this plane isn’t leaving either. The maintenance guy was hilarious–even he said, “I’ve never seen this before.” And that it would be a better idea if we took the 10:16 prescheduled flight to Virginia (I think the problem was that they couldn’t schedule us into the fray. Or they were just having fun with us at that point). So we go to Gate 5, Plane 4.
  • Success #3: We get on plane after a Home Alone style dash to a different concourse. I’m in the last row, middle seat, in a helluva hot plane, but who cares. 
  • Fail (ish) #9: With all the new additions to the plane, they had to recallibrate the weight differential.
  • Success #4: We took off. And landed in Virginia about 11:45 PM. 

So that was fun. 12 hours door to door, essentially. WHEEE. And to be fair, no one wants to fly on a broken plane.

pateick stewart winning

Saturday was about sleep, writing workouts, responding to emails, and then the gym for chill workout (for me), lunch with the fam (HUGE SALAD), then pool and tanning…

and planking, obviously

and planking, obviously

And then a tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway followed by an AMAZING dinner at Metro in Roanoke (highly recommend!) and then Farkle and cards with dessert at home. 

This simple salad of fresh tomato, parmesan, kale, red quinoa, and a tomato broth blew. my. mind.

This simple salad of fresh tomato, parmesan, kale, red quinoa, and a tomato broth blew. my. mind.

Sunday we picked up the rental car and drove to Georgia! Oh, and I HOSED a Subway saladwich (seriously, it was the size of my head, and I liked it.

It cannot be contained!

It cannot be contained!

And then I ate a bunch of baby carrots after. At 11:30 AM. That would be 10:30 our time. My body doesn’t care, and we were getting HANGRY). We met my parents at the Augusta airport, switched stuff to our car, and then drove back to my lake house!

The view of the dock from last Thanksgiving.

The view of the dock from last Thanksgiving.

Then beers, blogging, my brother (who came down for a few days) and dinner al fresco. 

I’m hoping that my legs will have a bit more pep in their step this week. I’m getting a little discouraged about them, but that discussion is for another day. I’ll be back with more fun things soon!

Until then, don’t forget to enter the Instagram Loop Giveaway, and continue to check out Brick Betty! Have a great Monday, all!

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Tell me a hilarious story from your weekend!

What are your favorite airport eats?

What do you get at Subway?

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