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A post in parts, a woman in full: Elf4Health, Meatless Monday

Well, hello there. I am going to attempt a little phone-blogging a) as an experiment b) because I am pressed for time and c) my husband I currently asleep on half my body and that makes things a bit difficult.

Gym is planned.
Part 2
Now at work (not supposed to be in phone, but nothing is happening, and we are all totally bored, so w/e).
Gym happened-sprints on spin bike for 20ish minutes, then a quick succession of biceps and shoulders. Snow made it hard to walk to work-I felt pretty unstable, even in my new uggs, which sucks because I got them specifically for snow. At least they are crazy warm. And adorable. Work tonight I going to be pointless. I wish I could spend it at home with the man-boy on his one day off (the joys of residency). But c’est la vie. Gotta go before I get into trouble. Heh.
Part 3
Yay hurray freedom! So as I walk home, and try not to slip and kill myself on the ice, a feat made doubly hard as I walk and blog, I wanted to talk a little bit about meatless Monday. We all know about it as a general blog link up, but I am talking about it with regards to the Elf4Health challenge hosted by The Lean Green Bean and Nutrinella. Click the badge on my sidebar for more info for now, but I’ll get more in depth later (one handed ice blogging and all).
I wanted to share a few meatless ideas with you all, and I plan on having recipes for these up soon. Here are some of my favorite ways to go meatless:
* Cran and apple cider vinegar egg white oatmeal (seriously, practically the only way I eat my oats)
* french toast
* TVP prot-meal
*protein pancake


* omelet (a staple for me)–sautéed veggies and seasoning take to a new level
* TVP sloppy joes
* veggie sandwich
* cottage cheese and veggie “queso” dilla
* stir fry with homemade peanut/pad thai sauce
* spaghetti squash
* zucchini lasagna
* pumpkin enchiladas (I will be coming back to this on Tgiving!)
* “Fall Harvest Pizza” (another fave I will go into more detail about)

* Sable Bar’s amazing vegetable salad


* cottage cheese with cocoa, stevia, and a little almond milk with cereal (basically an oatmeal in it’s own right!
* pretzels and Greek yogurt (how I snack before shifts)
* pumpkin protein cornbread
* power muffin
* Primal Vegan Jerky
* Powercrunch bar or other well balanced protein bar ( sugar g < protein g)
* egg white puff
* guacamole


A froyo date last summer

Gilt Bar Chicago’s TO DIE FOR carrot cake and cookies and cream ice cream with hot fudge


To reiterate, I will be returning to these recipes again. But for now, I am going to go have my post shift meal, nightly ice cream bowl, and snuggle with my boy and kitty-Kat-attack.

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