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A GI-filled Week (10 months + Week Catch Up 12/10)

It has been a week filled with digestion related matters, and some great mom friend fun! Let me get you all caught up with this Week Catch Up.

I swear I keep forgetting what day it is, or I remember what the day is, but I forget that it means that I need to sit down and blog! So the last catch up you got was our awesome Thanksgiving trip and 10 Month Emmie Update and Friend Filled Weekend

Week Catch Up 12/10

1). FIRST AND FOREMOST before we get to poop related matters, HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY to my parents.

And in other exciting news, one of my very very best friends asked me to be godmother to her little nugget. I am so honored! And then we talked about boobs, because that is what nursing mothers do.

2) Ok, let’s talk typical Lemmer family shenanigans. We will start with Emmie, whose digestion issues started on the way back from Palmetto Bluff with a double blowout day on our travel day. 

Her poop and diarrhea problems continued into the week as we introduced her to Greek yogurt. At first we were thinking it was traveler’s diarrhea, but then, when we took her off all dairy (other than the milk exposure through nursing), her digestive issues greatly improved, so we are back to keeping her off direct dairy consumption. 

this image refuses to do what I want it to. le sigh

But not before we had multiple days of leakage, blowouts, and even having to do a class in a sweatshirt and a diaper because silly Mommy thought that “oh, she just pooped, she won’t need a black up change of clothes for the hour that we are gone.” JOKE’S ON YOU MOM. Luckily, she had her snowsuit and her foot muff etc for transit, but #momfail.

Also, she scared me one morning with the color of her dirty diaper until I remember that she had eaten a ridiculous amount of butternut squash the night before. But anyway, we are back to her being off of dairy.

2b) In other butt related matters, I had to take Ridley in to the vets to have her rear glands expressed literally the week after we had them done. I was hoping to get some answers as to why it has become such an issue for her.

Ridley in my lap at the vets

It turns out that my dog is just extra sensitive about her derierre. She will let you bandage a paw that has just had a toenail ripped off, but she freaks out if you take her temperature. And apparently can’t handle any moisture collection in those glands of hers.

So we can either learn to do the expression ourselves (aka Alex can learn to do it), we can take her in $40 a pop to have them done, or we can have a $$$ surgery to remove the glands altogether (for those that are wondering, the glands are used for marking territory whenever a dog poops, and thus are useless in domesticated dogs, particularly those who have no territory/yard). We can also try dietary changes, but as we have already done that, and are now back to hvaaing issues, we (Alex) are going to learn how to deal. 

$100 to learn that she is obsessed with her but, $60 to get her poop tested for parasites ( for boarding). And then $15 for a cansiter of gland wipes. #suchisourlife

2c) And then the usual nonsense of my husband’s digestion and me getting Remicade.


3) I made the BEST CHILI EVER. Seriously, it is my best batch of turkey chili that I have ever made. I took my original recipe and modified it a little bit, and I am going to post the recipe (remember when I used to do that) soon. It will definitely get made again very soon. So will the cheddar cornbread muffins I made. LOOK AT THE LIFT!

I also made my hot chooclate rice krispie treats again, this time for a mom’s holiday party with several of my Fit4Mom friends!

4) I had lots of Holidays and friend-fun this week/weekend:

We decorated our apartment, aka put up like 3 decorations that Emmie hopfully won’t impale or eletrocute herself with. In sade decoration and winter news, our faithful humidifier Puffinton the Penguin died. It was a little traumatic for me. And for my skin and nasal passages.

Emmie had lots of fun at a holiday sensory bin stay and play after Stroller Strides on Friday,

and I had some fun of my own with a Fit4Mom friends holiday party that night! We all made a recipe (I did my Hot Chocolate Rice Krispies) and had a little potluck after our kiddos went to bed on Friday. It was so much fun, and I got some awesome sweater leggings to wear. Then in the White Elephant gift exchange, I got the giant tin of popcorn, and you know that I am SO excited about that!

On Saturday, I went with the wives of Alex’s other GI fellows to the One of A Kind show, an amazing artist marketplace that happens 2x a year. There wer so many things that I wanted to take home, but we are going to have to wait a few years until Alex’s salary goes up some!

Meanwhile, Alex and the fellows hosted daddy/friend day care with the kiddos! Emmie was a little out of it because of a major cold that slammed her hard on Saturday, but luckily there was a loveSac for her to be enveloped by (basically a giant Dock a Tot lol).

There was also an awkward Santa photo op when we first walked in, so we have this for posterity.

5) Other Emmie updates:

She is now pulling up EASILY on various things, so we are going to have to figure some more babyproofing things out. I’m not sure how much more stuff we can put behind the gates, and still be able to use our apartment, lol. 

She is also getting better and better at walking! She now does the entire length of our fapartment floor hallway down and back with her push walker, and she is starting to think about being less scared to walk only holding one of our hands. It is still rather scary for her, but she is getting more confident. I think we still have a few weeks before she is walking on her own, but still, exciting!

She is also much improved with drinking her milk! She loves her new sitraw cup, and it is great to have something that she can hold herself. I work up a big appetite and thirst for her by walking her #alltheplaces (especially the hall), and then plop her down and give her her cup and let her go. 

She is also very opinionated about what she eats. Basically she wants nothing but avocado, butternut squash (if it is from my fork), her crunchies, and banana. Sometimes she will get excited abouther oatmeal. She will straight up spit out the pancakes I made for her or throw them (so I’m having those for breakfast), and forget about trying to get her to eat egg. 

Things she loves right now: Dinosaur Dance by Sandra Boyton (she dances as soon as you start to recite it), Panda in the Park from Usborne, and That’s Not My Unicorn also from Usborne. 

Stuffed animals are the best

She is all about her stuffed animals right now, too, and nuzzling soft things (like Ridley’s coat).

She is also starting to high five things!

But while she is super fun, we are also in for a bit of a week this week, I can already tell you. Due to not feeling great, she isn’t napping well, and she is f-u-u-u-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-y. And as of me writing this, she is currenting screaming in her room. So that is great. Also great? I am starting to feel not great, with a headache blooming, flush, and some body aches. I took the liberty of canceling her class for tomorrow, so we will just play that by ear. As we will the rest of this week. Luckily, Alex will get off a little earlier this week, but unfortunately, he is on call this weekend. 

Let’s hope Emmie and I both recover quickly!

Do you do pictures with Santa?If it hadn’t been impromptu, we wouldn’t have. 

Which illness are you afraid you are getting?

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