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A Damn Perfect Weekend and 7 Years Together

Please know that I am experiencing some trouble with my site. I want to give you all fair warning in case I don’t post!

This was a damn near perfect weekend. The only snag was having a some (ongoing) blog login trouble, but otherwise? Alex and I rang in 7 years of being together doing just that: Being together. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Saturday began with a fantastic run with my fantastic trainees. Banana holster was in full effect. 

Chicago Sunrise Morning Run Columbia Yacht Club Harbor

I nailed my post long run nutrition and rolled and even did yoga for optimal muscle recovery, and then nailed it even more with lunch at Whole Foods. 

Peaches and Greek Yogurt Post Run

Alex had worked Friday night, so he didn’t wake up until about the time that I got back from lunch. He went to the gym, then I indulged in a Saturday catnap while he chilled out for a bit. After I was roused and he had finished his game, we went down to the 7-11, got a Big Gulp (because we are classy like that) and went for a great walk along Lake Shore Drive up to Old Town for a long, leisurely happy hour, app, and dinner. Cue the food pics!

Benchmark Bar Grill Orange Beer

Benchmark “Orange Beer”: Maker’s Mark, San Pellegrino Blood Orange, Jalapeno, Bell’s Oberon (really good, but too sweet)

Benchmark Bar Grill Hummus Plate

Benchmark Hummus Plate (roasted red pepper hummus, guacamole, veggies galore, pita, and chips)

Benchmark Chicago Sriracha Chicken Sliders

Alex got the Sriracha Chicken Sliders (so gooooood)

Benchmark Chicago Chicken Skewers

I got the Chicken Skewer (gonna make a copycat recipe to share with you all!)

We also got a Corona Light and a Boulevard Brewery Unfiltered Wheat. 

Finished the outing off with a leisurely walk home and then Alex was asleep on the couch by 8 while I watched Anthony Bourdain, who I’ve recently come back to after being a huge fan and then needing a break. PS Read his book Kitchen Confidential and also read the books Waiting and Waiter Rant. Trust the Suz.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, and typically a day after a long run means no running for Suz. So how did I find myself running?

Running with Alex on the Lake Front Path

Well, when your husband, who couldn’t run at all for nearly a year and who NEVER lets you run with him (seriously) asks you to pace/accompany him for his longest run outside ever….

You lace the heck up!

It was HELLA humid, and he was tired (hello, coming off of the night shift the day before), but I did a pretty good job of tricking him into finishing even when he thought he couldn’t. Super proud of him!

And what a way to start off 7 years of officially being together (and, as Mom said, the first day that she met him was 7 years ago! Two weeks after our first date). 

I had a meeting at 10, so I went off to do that, then we met at Doc B’s for lunch, and omg was it good. This place has seriously become a major favorite of ours over the past few months. 

Doc B's Kitchen Wok Bowl Tuna, Thai, Quinoa Chicago

Build your own Wok Bowl for Alex with seared tuna, quinoa, veggies, and spicy Thai sauce (AMAZING).

Doc B's Kitchen Chicago Black Tiger Shrimp Salad

Black tiger shrimp salad for me with avocado, tomato, mint, and 2x jicama (AMAZING). 

Groceries (and a display of a seriously panties in a twist woman) followed, and then we decided that it was time to watch the 22 Jump Street DVD we had been holding onto. A perfect movie for a chill afternoon. 

Zoe and Alex Lazy on the Couch

Then I got my summer on and made Buffalo burgers 😀

Buffalo Burgers with Sriracha Hummus, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Multigrain Buns Suzlyfe

Sriracha hummus, avocado, grilled onions, tomato, spinach, burgers with a traditional hamburger seasoning, multigrain bread ends for buns. With corn and a salad as well as a killer cocktail that Alex made–gave the drink from Benchmark a run for its money!

Gin rummy, conversation, and ice cream rounded everything out. 

A Damn Near Perfect Weekend! Food, Running, and 7 Years Together #Mimm #weekendrecap @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

This is basically the last weekend that I will get to spend with Alex for the next 2 months, so I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with this weekend. I’m so glad that we have had so much together-time over the past month! #doctorwifelife

What did you get up to this weekend?

Hummus or Guacamole? Pita/Chips or Veggies?

Does your significant other let you run with them?

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