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A Change Of Heart (Animal Updates and Labor Day Plans)

I had a much more serious post planned for today, but then I had a change of heart.  Let’s have some fun with the random that is going on in my head, shall we?

Thank you to Amanda for the chance to Think Out Loud and Gretch and Kristen for What’s New with You?

1) Zoe Update

Several of you saw in my IG stories that I had to take my little Zoe to the vets on Tuesday. She started vomiting and wretching over the weekend and then went off all food except for a few bites here and there. She’s not a big eater in general, but, well, she at least eats! She ate a little tuna (her better-than-sex food) Monday and Tuesday mornings, but nothing else, and she wasn’t drinking water.

Monday night, we decided that she need to go to the vet (and because transporting her went so well last time, we needed a new carrier) so we went to Petco and picked out a new one. And then got home and realized that it didn’t fit her. So Alex took it back while I finished up some work. Oh, and to add to this, Alex didn’t feel good, so I felt back for making him go back. Long story short, Zoe is actually a fan of her new carrier! Well, as long as it isn’t taking her anywhere. 

She did very well at the vet, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her. They gave her fluids and anti-nausea meds + appetite stimulant and sent me to get her some wet food to entire her to eat. I’ve never given her wet food so as not to start that slippery slope (also because the one time I gave it to her, she was like THANKSNOTHANKS).

cat food meme

We now know that Fancy Feast is thumbs up (as in, omg cat chill out) and Friskies is meh.  Dry food? WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THAT FILTH. So, yeah, the cat is ruined for life. But at least she is still alive.

2) Dog Update

So it seems that the Corgi dream is on hold for a time. They are too expensive and or there are none available, so we have decided to broaden our search. This weekend, while my computer was on the fritz, I spent quite a lot of time on my iPad looking at dogs, and I thought I had found a great one (and it was the one Alex was also most drawn to of the ones I sent to him).

This has nothing to do with my story, I just think it is funny.

This has nothing to do with my story, I just think it is funny.

Her name is July, and she is a little Beagle/Lab mix. Well, I was on my coaching call with Laura, Denny, and Nora yesterday and after I told them about her and how the people were not getting back to me, Laura said that she had seen/heard one of her friends talking about a little black lab mix named July that had come from the Midwest to Seattle to be looked at for adoption!

THEY STOLE MY DOG. Well, at least now we have broadened our search, and now we know we are open to more options. BUT STILL.

3) YAS

Yesterday was perfect running weather. Today is even better (though I’m not running today). I took my Charity Miles for a spin, and it was glorious. That is all.

4) Client Frustrations

Will someone please explain to me why people make appointments and then a) don’t keep them and b) then drop off the face of the earth? I had a client sign up for a VERY substantial package, and I left the cat (same day as the vet visit) to go and train her…. and she doesn’t show up, call, anything. Nor has she been heard from since. There goes my income for the week. I also just don’t understand the mentality. 


Someone who I know WILL show up?? MOMMY! She is finally coming to visit when Alex goes to interview at UVA (sorry, Jess, I wish I was going with him, but $$$). PRETTY EFFING PUMPED.

6) Interview Successes and Frustrations

One interview down, and it was definitely a success–Alex reported that he loved UNC, really liked the area, dug the program, liked the people… we started to discuss it seriously, but then I had to go and drop the bomb: do they cover infertility treatments?

Well, no. They don’t. I felt terrible, honestly. I hate the fact that my body might be holding us back. Holding him back. He told me not to be silly, but we know that if we want to have a family, we are going to need a lot of help, and more than just Clomid, as we have seen. And North Carolina won’t cover us for that journey, and Illinois will. 

That doesn’t mean that we won’t end up there eventually, but for now, the chances of us staying in Illinois just went up quite a bit.

7) Labor Day Plans

This weekend my friend Courtney and 2 of her friends are coming up to visit, and we are going to do fun things with the people and the stuff. It is always fun to see Chicago through the eyes of babes visitors, but I think that I am going to let them do some of the more touristy things on their own (especially because I missed out on any productivity last weekend). But rooftop parties? SO IN.

lets party meme

Alright, I’m going to go get into some trouble. And by trouble, I mean chocolate. PEACE OUT

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