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8 Weeks Old! (Friday Catch Up 3/23)


Today is Emmie’s two month birthday! That means that it is time for a Friday Catch Up, right?

No post this Monday; we were boring and there wasn’t much to report, haha.

Friday Catch Up 3/23

1) Emmie Mental Development Update:

The past week has actually been a big week in Emmie’s mental development–a so called Wonder Week. I’m renaming it a Wonder Woman Week. She started smiling a week ago, and since thing has progressed from imitating me to smiling spontaneously! I found that if I started with a close lipped smile and wait for her to copy me and then progress to open mouth smiling, she follows my lead, and before long, she was doing it on her own upon seeing me! Even Alex got his first personal Emmie Smile on Wednesday! That made me very happy for him.

She is also learning to use her feet and realize that they are there. I moved her play arch down by her feet, and soon she was aiming for the bug and sun. She also started seeing herself in the little mirror in the sun, as well as following me when I used my pink and black thermos around (slowly). So BIG developments!

2) Emmie Physical Update:

I’ve already gotten more….

Since going to the Soy Free + Dairy Free Diet + Gerber Soothe drops last Monday (a week and a half ago), her digestion and tummy comfort has improved. We still aren’t down in diapers by a large quantity, but her comfort is drastically improved. She is getting WAY less tummy discomfort and far less reflux and spit up, so much so that last Friday I cancelled her follow up doctor’s appointment last Friday to see if she continued to improve by her 8 week well child visit on Wednesday. 

She had another mini growth spurt with a sleep regression Sunday-Tuesday, which is very par for the course for 8 week olds, but otherwise, when she was happy, she was happy, and when she was grumpy, it wasn’t because of her tummy, it was because she was overtired or just grumpy baby. So I was encouraged by that.

Her 8 Week Well Child Visit went quite well! There is still microscopic blood in her stool, but the doctor wasn’t discouraged–apparently this can take some time to go away. So as long as she is clinically improving, we are going to stick with the current treatment (diet + Soothe). She is putting on weight well (I actually guessed her weight dead on!), growing, her head is still far above average…. so physically she is doing well overall. We just need to get better about actually doing tummy time, but I am more likely to do it if her tummy doesn’t already hurt.

(PS Ridley is totally snoring right now)

As for the number of dirty diapers, apparently, some breastfed babies poop every time they eat, while some poop once a week. As long as she is consistent, gaining weight, and seems happy most of the time and not in pain from her belly, we are going to press on. (in more ways than one)

She did get her 8 week vaccinations, which were less than enjoyable for her, particularly a few hours later when her legs started to hurt! A little Infant Tylenol, snuggles, and Boob took care of the trauma, thankfully, and she sleep like a rock that night. You know, just prepping her for future day-after-marathon aches and pains. Or leg day. Whichever she chooses.

3) Someone also got their first real bath! I gave it to her in the sink, and it was traumatic, but worth it. I would also like to point out that I got my own shower that morning, so we were #beastmode that day.

Hold that thought; someone just woke up and is having opinions about life. The dog is still snoring.

4) I am so excited about all of the people that are going to visiting Alex and me over the next month and a half! A bunch of blog friends are visiting Chicago, my mom comes back the weekend of my birthday, and Alex’s parents are coming at the end of the month. That is another big reason for the spring cleaning–so that we can actually have the apartment spring CLEANED. Yes, I am going to pony up for someone to basically sage and de-spirit this place. Alex’s parents did a great job of cleaning when I was on crutches this past fall, but after having a baby, having multiple animals, and with Alex working like crazy, I am totally going to pay to have someone come and scrub the bejeezus out of the grout and even clean the oven. #worthit


5) Weekend Plans:

ALEX IS OFF!! The. Whole. Weekend.

I signed up for another month of ClassPass (join using my referral link so I can keep going to classes!) with another great deal, and tomorrow I am going to Hot Yoga at Yoga Six (I had a great Flow class there last weekend) and then on Sunday I am going to a Flow and Tone class at Pilates ProWorks. Apparently that class is like a combo of yoga and Pilates, so I am pumped!

I should rework this to workout instead of party

I am also going by City Press Juicery tomorrow morning (after my class) for the book signing of the lovely Alex and Linda Meyer of Veganosity’s book signing! I am so proud of them–they have an AMAZING blog with some of the best and most inspired vegan recipes. I actually trained Linda for the Chicago Marathon a few years ago! I can’t wait to meet her Alex and for them both to meet Emmie and to get my hands on their book Great Vegan BBQ without the Grill

Grab a copy of the book here! (affiliate link)

Other big plan? SPRING CLEANING. I’m going to go through #alltheclothes so that I can wear more than just a few pieces of clothing. I’m hoping to have a lot to take to the consignment shop now (and probably save some until this fall to take in). Time to get rid of office clothes save for a few skirts, pants, and shirts (just in case) and bye bye blazers (I used to have a thing for them). I have so many workout clothes and accessories to sell and donate as well.  GOTTA BUY DIAPERS. And Dairy and Soy Free chocolate. BECAUSE I MUST FEED THE CHILD!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you going to be doing any spring cleaning?

Are you a wimp about needles are do you not care at all? I almost fainted the first time I had an allergy shot. Let me tell you that having Crohn’s (many blood draws and infusion lines) + IVF (labs nearly every day at times and giving myself shots every day multiple times a day)… you better not have a needle phobia.

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