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Growth and Gangsters — 6 weeks (Friday Catch Up 3/8)

This week has been weird, man. Monday was a sh**show, Thursday was lovely. And Emmie is questionably better. Friday Catch Up time!

Don’t forget my Monday Weekend Catch Up!

Friday Catch Up 3/8

1) Let’s start with an Emmie update. I’m honestly not sure how much the dairy free diet is helping. Certain things are better (fewer dirty diapers, somewhat less fussy and arching of her back) but jury is still out. 

Emmie is 6 weeks old, and she’s making me work for it! In addition to having some sort of digestive issue, she also had a major throw down of a growth spurt and lost her ish all day (starting at 3 am) Tuesday, bringing me to the point of sobs a few times. 

We even did tummy time with a smile!

Luckily, Wednesday and Thursday were much better. I needed them to be.

I mentioned Monday was a sh**show? The one big brightspot was that Emmie had her spinal ultrasound to make sure that she didn’t have tethered spine, and she passed with flying colors!

Cool milestones this week: lots more watching Mommy as I move about, an intense staring contest with Alex, more smiles, our first tear (which I hoped never to see), and tracking (following) movements with her eyes!

2) Ugh, Monday. Nothing really went right (other than Emmie’s ultrasound) and at the top of things that got cocked up? My Remicade infusion. Apparently, you cant bring your baby to your infusion. Which no one ever told me. Luckily, I found a friend to watch Emmie (god help them) early this morning (Friday) while I get my infusion. Thank goodness as well that I’m doing ok after birth and during the first weeks postpartum. I’m going to be a good sport about this, but I was very displeased.

3) Being dairy free really isn’t that bad. I miss helping Alex with his food, and I miss some other things, but it isn’t all that hard and terrible. Thank you for all your suggestions, by the way!

If I have to go soy free as well, that will be far more difficult. 

So. Good.

I’ve started to receive my various food things, and I also picked up a new Kodiak Cakes protein packed muffin mix that I am soooooo pumped about. I opted to make muffins from scratch instead yesterday, and made chocolate blueberry banana muffins. They came out quite well!

4) I’ve gotten my Netflix on this week, necessary with all the nursing that has been required. That means I’m all caught up on new seasons of Victoria and Peaky Blinders, I’ve started Weekend Aristocrat, and The Crown is next. I know that many American kids are adopting British accents and phrases (my nephew included) thanks to Peppa Pig and other cartoons; I’m hoping Emmie doesn’t think she is historic royalty or a gangster. 

But we all know she is a guin.

Actually, she can go right on ahead and think that. It would be pretty sweet.

5) Today I have Remicade (I hope Emmie doesn’t ruin my friend) and then lunch with a long time blog friend Brianna, who I finally get to meet IRL! She’s being a dear and coming up to me, and I hope Emmie allows us to visit…. Thank goodness she has too little boys of her own and will understand!

Yet again, Alex is working all weekend. The weather is supposed to be fine but chilly like the end of this week, so I’m hoping to spend lots of time outside with Emmie and Ridley!

What are you watching/eating/looking forward to?

if your kid were absorbing what you are currently watching, what would they become?

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