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Here’s To Us (5th Wedding Anniversary Weekend Catch Up 5/28)

What a fabulous weekend we had celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Details and some super exciting Emmie moments in the Weekend Catch Up!

First of all, thank you to all who serve our country and who support those who serve our country. Though I may not agree with many political decisions being made at present, I love my country and want what it best for it and the people within. In my mind, dissenting opinion can be as patriotic as supporting/approving opinion if given out of love for country and with the greater good in mind. Just a thought that I had this weekend. 

And now for the more frivilous parts of life. Or, if you are a Monty Python fan, “And now for something completely different.

Weekend Catch Up 5/28

Our weekend was really, truly great! Let’s start with Saturday for a change!

1) I want to start with Saturday because Saturday 5/26 was Alex’s and my 5th wedding anniversary. So crazy to think that our perfect wedding weekend was 5 years ago… and only 5 years ago! So much has happened since then, and it feels like so long ago. I remember so much of it, though, and that is largely thanks to all of the fabulous pictures we have of that day. I love that we have them around our apartment–in many ways, I get to think about that day everyday!

Ok, so about our day. It was supposed to be hot, and you know how insane any city can be during Memorial Day Weekend, now multiply that by Chicago and the opening of the beaches. I had Pilates at 8 (back to activity in a minute), and originally, Alex wanted to wait until I got back to go to the gym himself, and then we would run (with Emmie) after. 

I was like, um, no. I convinced him to run before his workout (he didn’t want to), and we headed out at 7 for our 2 mile out and back with our family running picture at the turn around! My first continuous miles since last summer!


A gorgeous and perfect morning to run with my favorite people 😀

After my class, I grabbed an iced decaf Americano and a bar at Starbucks (a treatyoself moment) and then met Alex, Em, and Ridley at the dog park. Ridley got nice and soaked, and Emmie got a little snack (and then started fussing). We had lunch at home and then got to do something super exciting with the Emster–she got her first solid food! 

We decided to start with avocado because I had some perfectly ripe mini avocados. So on when the bib, and she got her first bites! 

She couldn’t decide what she thought. Some bites she was all about, some she was like WTF GUYS. 

We went ahead and did groceries to avoid cookout crowds on Monday, and it was just so lovely to be outside. We basically did nothing but walk outside throughout the day!

Dinner was at the same place that we went last year, Oyster Bah. It was delicious, and they took such great care of us and made sure that my meal was dairy and soy free. 

We started with oysters (their mignonette is amazing) and drinks. Mine was a tequila based drink that I loved (the Starb’d), Alex got a rum punch (not sweet and great for summer if you are into that!).

I got the salad that I have gotten every time we go (and I will continue to get every time)–the Chopped Louie Salad with citrus vinaigrette rather than the Louie dressing. King Crab, shrimp, egg, avocado, and just delicious.  I’m glad they went out of their way to check on things–turns out that there was soy in the frying oil (it is a blend), so we had to retool my plans of going bonkers on their fries. Don’t feel sorry for me, though–my meal was DELICIOUS. After discussing with our server, the fries were not an option, so I got roasted broccoli without the parm (stupid good for just being roasted broccoli!). I also stole Alex’s salsa, lol.

Alex got the fish tacos (he gave them a 9/10! All he wanted was a little more sauce on the slaw for perfection) and the sweet corn jalapeno hush puppies. (We remembered them from last year!).

As is going to be the case for probably all anniversaries and special dinners to come, Emmie called the shots, and we had to get out. I think she got overstimulated (this is happening more and more recently as she discovers and takes in more and more of the world) + hungry (will get to that in a minute) + tired (it was nearing her bed time). 

Thank you to all of our friends who gave us gift cards over the years and made this dinner possible, and thank you to our great server for taking such great care of us.

We didn’t do anything fancy–I already had my present, and Alex said that he really just wanted to spend the weekend together.

We finished the night with me passing out on his lap on the couch. Pretty darn perfect family day!

2) So the big news for Emmie this weekend was obvious her first solid foods. To be honest, she ate the solid foods more smoothly than she is breastfeeding at the moment. She is super fussy and only really eats for 10 minutes at a time, and then pulls off and looks around and gets upset. She’s very burpy, too. My guess is that she is having a little recurrence of the reflux (she is arching her back) but also she is learning to eat differently. On the whole, she is more efficient with eating, and my milk comes out more quickly, so I think she is more frustrated than anything and getting air pockets. Add in greater consciousness and acknowledgement of the world around her, oh, and the fact that it is HOT for the first time, and basically it is a recipe for disaster. 

Traveling with her is going to be interesting.

She also refused to do tummy time except for Alex this weekend. I started fretting on Friday because she wouldn’t do it and couldn’t figure out how to roll, then I found a site that put the rolling and how they work into rolling into perspective–basically, she is working on other skills right now (like her feet), and since she knows how, she has put it on the back burner for the time being.

I’ve got my feetsies!


3) Let’s talk fitness. Both of my classes this weekend were total winners. I highly recommend any class at Core Chicago, but I am loving the Beg/Int Reformer class taught by Katy. She is excellent, and there are only 4 people per class, so she is really able to help with adjustments. This class was great, and we did all sorts of things (last time was a little more basic, but basic is deceivingly hard! This class was a bit more twisty.)

My Tone and Flow class at Pilates Pro Works on Sunday was taught by a sub–Julie, and she kicked our butts. I also ran into Dani from Once Upon a Dollhouse, and she killed it! The way that the sub taught the class was a bit more how I originally pictured the class–a true mix of yoga and Pilates with cardio intervals. You know it is a good class when you leave feeling burny-sore in your muscles! I would love to take her regular class!

I obviously got my run in on Saturday–a total of about 3 miles, each of the miles were continuous, but separate by a little rest. I took it easy on Sunday with just a walk with Ridley, to class, and with Alex and Emmie later on. This week, I honestly don’t know if I am going to be able to go to Stroller Strides with the way Emmie has been acting. I really hope I am not back to constant-meltdown Emmie. And right after I was bragging on her at her 4 month appointment!

But I am going to go to my favorite yoga instructor’s class on Friday–I already have it booked. 

4) In living news, we love the ottoman! I also took down the bassinet and put it away under Emmie ‘s crib! I also put away a lot of clothes that Em has grown out of, and I’ve prepped the drawers for her next size up. I think we have a few weeks yet, but still, I can’t believe it!

5) In food news, I am still riding the hummus wave.

This week’s flavor was Hope Black Garlic, and I had it by itself as well as in a hummus mustard sauce that I made for us on Friday night. 

Also… Alex requested salmon toast after I did the lamb and hummus toast for him 2 weeks ago. I suggested avocado… and my husband had salmon avocado toast (with a goddess dressing drizzle) for dinner. 


On that note, I’m off–I’ve talked your ear off!

Here is the best picture ever.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Can you burp on command? (You know I can)

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