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5 Ways to Support Your Girls From Breast Cancer to Bras (Thirdlove Review)


Don’t forget #pumpkinweek2015 starts on Sunday! Details here.

Let’s have some girl talk.

We are in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month of PINK PINK PINK. We all have been touched in some way by this terrible disease. There are so many ways to contribute to finding a cure for this terrible disease–supporting not only your own girls but also the girls of others! No one deserves to live without a mother, sister, wife, love of one’s life.

Let's go beyond fundraising for the pink, shall we? There are many other fantastic ways to contribute to the Fight Against Breast Cancer and support your girls! Find out how at

Today, I wanted to talk about 5 ways that you can support your girls, literally and figuratively! Let’s go beyond fundraising for a cure, shall we? There are many other fantastic ways to contribute to the Fight Against Breast Cancer and support your girls!

1) Prevention Through Education : Bright Pink

bright pink

Prevention is the best medicine. Bright Pink is an organization devoted preventing breast and ovarian cancer via educational programs for everyone (from potential patients to doctors!), mammogram reminders, and assessments of risk. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Do you know if you are average or high risk? Do you know what you can do to decrease your chances of diagnosis? Read my post on Bright Pink to find out more about the organization, or visit their website directly to educate yourself and contribute to their programs.

2) Financial Support for Patients : EB and Run with Donna 26.2 

Help those fighting Breast Cancer by supporting Elisabeth Blanchard in the Run for Donna 26.2 and the Donna Foundation. Learn more at

Philanthropy and fundraising were instilled in me from a young age. In fact, fundraising for a cure got me into running! When I was in Junior High, I remember my mom doing the Susan G Komen 3 day Walk for Breast Cancer. That was my first exposure to endurance training and fundraising in that manner. Our good friend EB is currently fundraising for the Run with Donna 26.2, benefiting the Donna Foundation, which “raises money to be used exclusively for First Coast women living with breast cancer… who, for whatever reason, can’t make ends meet.”

As someone with a chronic illness with regular, very expensive medications, I can tell you that even as I work to support myself, money is not something to throwaway in my house. I can’t imagine trying to support a family and while being sick, on chemo, and having to pay for those therapies, exams, and other bills. I urge you to make a donation to EB’s campaign–help relieve some of the stress for these women so that they can fight for their lives.

3) Prevention Through Active Lifestyle

Bright Pink FitFest 2015 to fund Education, Awareness, and Prevention of Breast and Ovarian Cancers.

Now, I am proof positive that you can do everything right and things can still go wrong. My Crohn’s Disease is, at this time, not manageable by diet and lifestyle alone. That said, my diet and lifestyle choices play an incredible role in keeping me healthy and on far lower doses of my medications than I might be otherwise. According to the National Cancer Institute, “Risk factors [for breast cancer] include smoking, being overweight, and not getting enough exercise. Increasing protective factors such as quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising may also help prevent some cancers.” 

Let’s talk about literally supporting your own girls for a minute, shall we? 

4) Beyond Cancer : Literally Support Your Girls During Exercise : Brick Betty

Suz in Brick Betty Sports Bra

Um, your girls run the miles with you. You support and love on your legs and the other areas of your body, don’t you? Why do you just let you ladies fend for themselves? The Brick Betty Sports Bra is one of a kind–Amy (the founder) spent years and countless fittings and design revisions until she debuted her signature bra. As I said in my review of the bra and Brick Betty Line, there are cups sewn into the bra for coverage, support, and comfort, and they give you a little shape as well, and the straps cross in the back in order to give you actual support. 

In the time since I wrote that review, I have put that bra (and the tank with the bra sown into it) through its paces. Runs in 90% humidity, half marathons, spin classes, I wore the tank to Fit Fest… Oh, and did I mention that I wore it in the marathon???

Susie in Corral B for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Narwhal arm warmers are a must! More fun and about the race at

Comfortable through 26.2 miles, and I didn’t chafe. I think that says something!

I cannot recommend it enough, and there are so many freaking cute colors…

5) Literally Support Your Girls During the Day/Night : Thirdlove

But you can’t just let the girls go the rest of the time. Seriously, I don’t know how you people who are all bra’s off do it. But how obnoxious is it to try to find a properly fitting bra for your life outside the gym? Answer: just as annoying as finding one for inside the gym. UNTIL NOW.

Thirdlove bras are comfortable, chic, and affordable! Learn about their revolutionary fit and why they will become the only bra you wear outside the gym at! #ad #thirdlovies

Like Brick Betty with regards to sports bras, Thirdlove is changing the game when it comes to (non fitness) bras. I don’t know about you, but I am an in-betweener: not quite one size, not quite another. Don’t you always hear people describing themselves as “full” or “small” cup sizes? Third Love was over it: their bras come in 1/2 cup sizes, beginning with AAA! And there are bras with removable liners, natural push up (seriously, Angels, I don’t need my cleave to speak for me. Or feel like a bulletproof vest). The signature T-shirt bra even comes with memory foam! 

“Bras that conform to you, not bras that you have to conform to” – Thirdlove

How gorgeous are these Thirdlove bras? You will love the feel and cut of them, and they have 30% more sizes than most other brands. Find out more at!

Oh, and if you are 100% happy? They guarantee that. Exchange it and get happy! Feminine and sexy but practical and natural, these are bras that you can rotate throughout your week under everything from a T shirt to a wedding gown. Try one on–you might just want to #burnyourotherbras!

Do you give your girls the proper support? @brickbetty @thirdlove #fridayfavorite #ad Click To Tweet

I mean, c’mon. When a company sends you lingerie, I think you should take it as a hint to get out of your running clothes.

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Go beyond #powerinpink: 5 ways to support your girls! #fridayfavorites @brightpink #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Tell me how you support your girls! Be it in the community or on your body!

Do you invest in properly fitting undergarments?

What is the ultimate test of a bra?

I am a Thirdlove Ambassador and was provided with product in exchange for a review. I am also a Brick Betty Fit Professional. No links are affiliate, but I do receive commission on Brick Betty sales that I contribute to. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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