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39 Weeks (Friday Catch Up 1/19)

Amost time for this little gir to come, and I am so ready! But what else have I been up to?

This had better might be our last week as non-parents! So I made sure to make it a proper mix of productivity and doing jack squat 😀

Let’s start with the weekend, shall we?

Weekend Catch Up 

1) Saturday, I headed downtown to meet up with my restaurant friends before they had work. And one had the flu, the others were opening the bar, others never got the message, and who knows what happened to the other two. That said, my lovely Maria showed up (she was one of my best friends working there), and we had an amazing catch up session. So while it was a bit whommpp whoomp whooooooommmppp, being able to meet up with Maria was just what I needed. 

And I finally accompished my pregnancy goal. Until kiddo moved and almost capsized my tea.

2) As was my “lunch” at Dylan’s Candy Bar. I went there to just “get a few things.” HAHAHAHAHA. But in my defense, there were a lot of nuts and pretzels involved as well. So, carbs and protien, right? And Skittles have some fruit in them…. I think. I had a whole grain English Muffin and egg whites when I got home, so I’m basically going to call that brunch.

3) Sunday, I got my clean up on. Oh yeah, Alex was on call and didn’t come home, so thus I was on my own. So Saturday night I chilled, and Sunday, I got to work. That means that I unboxed the rest of the things in our apartment (we are still getting some random odds and ends delivered… all in individual boxes because GOD FORBID things get grouped together. 

My hard core Adulting moment was setting up our new vacuum and attacking our DISGUSTING area rugs. My old vacuum had served me well for years… when I was in apartments without pets and with all wood floors. We still have all wood/hard surface, but let’s just say that it was useless against carpeting and rugs. My new vacuum made cleaning those suckers like child’s play. The amount of hair that I removed… whoa. And it has a multilevel thingy so I can adjust for hard floors and different height carpets! This is the one I got, if you are in the market (affiliate link).

It is clunkier than my old one (which swivelled and moved appropriately for apartments) but I don’t care. I just want to not live in filth any more.

I also cleaned out old blogging review products and stuff that I’m never going to get to/were extras. I feel like there is so much more room in our apartment! I need to go through the closets, but honestly, there is no room to put anything. 

4) At some point this weekend (maybe Friday), blue nails with a party nail happened. 😀 Reminds me of old school Suz!

5) Nonsensical Ridley position of the weekend.


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Friday Catch Up (39 weeks pregnant!)

1) Ridley has been living the life this week. She love love loves the snow, and it was warm enough for me to be able to be outside for a decent amount of time, so she has gotten several Wiggly Park dates this week. Furthermore, because the snow is so light, it was warmer, and we went out early enough, she didn’t have to wear her booties. She did have to wear her training collar, though, but that was just to keep me from needing to kill her. And she was so good in it that I barely had to beep her (I use the sound option unless she is being really bad, and then she gets a vibration). 

She came home and promptly passed the F out. So I baked. 

2) It’s been a long, long time since I did some snow day baking. I took a bag of Jessica’s Natural Foods GF Chocolate Chip Cookie mix and Suz-ified it with banana, greek yogurt, egg white, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a dab of butter. 


Instant poll: which is better: a mid-afternoon cookie or a late night cookie?

3) Something that I have been dealing with for the past week is some lower tibial discomfort in the foot that I injured right before my baby shower. After 2 weeks of pain, and then 2 weeks of it feeling 100% fine, I’m back to having issues with it. Alex and I discussed if I should go in to talk to the doctors about it, but they can’t take any images until after I deliver anyway, so we’ll see. It doesn’t hurt to walk or on impact, but going down stairs and certain stabilization bothers it.

I’ve even tried wearing the boot, but I’m not sure that it is doing any good. I think that it has something to do the fact that I’ve stayed away from going down stairs until the past week, and then I just piled too much on–elliptical (regardless of how little) + going down stairs from the elliptical + longer Ridley walks–all at once. Oh, and that being very very pregnant aspect. Whatever. Back to good behavior.

4) Food this week has been all over the place. I have made Alex some legit dinners (pesto Salmon sweet potato hash) and cooked a BOATLOAD of the Slow Cooker Chicken Marinara for him (it is his favorite of my slow cooker meals for work). We’ve also been loving Modern Table’s new pastas! I was first introduced to them at the allergy friendly food panel that I did forever ago, and last summer, we had their Southwestern pasta a few times. We had the jalapeno mac n cheese (yummm) and the parmesan pesto (it was ok–not my favorite pesto). and we have lots more to work through! A high fiber, high protein, gluten free option for a quicker dinner!

Tuesday night, Alex and I had a dinner date with TIFFY. YAASSS. We went and got ramen like last time, and though I enjoyed the flavor of my soup, WAY too many noodles. I wil get it right one of these days.

5) 39 weeks!

Things are definitely happening down there. I’m getting the “lightning crotch” that I’ve read about (from the kiddo’s head pushing on various nerves) and started to have some different feeling contraction/cramping things. Not just the Braxton Hicks (when your whole belly goes rock hard) but some actual, “Oh, I now have some idea of what to expect” feelings.

Oh, and I have been SO FREAKING ITCHY. SO ITCHY. It is something called PUPS. I wish they had just given me a dog (which I already have, so I’m good). Think of chicken pox + eczema scale itching on my bely, thighs, hips, bum, shouders, and back of arms. Seriously, just light me on fire.

All of the families are freaking out, if I say that my stomach hurts, Alex is all DO WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL?? But really, I think he just wants to get out of work.

OH, and bonus… after waiting for checks for 2 months (they had to send them twice), and credit cards for a month (also had to be sent twice), WE FINALLY HAVE CHECKS AND CREDIT CARDS. Which means that somone will be stealing them soon. greeeat.

I’m off to cuddle with my silly puppy and do some work. I HOPE that by the time Monday rolls around, I won’t have a post becuase I’ll be in labor! But we all know the likelihood of that….


What are you up to this weekend?

Chocolate Chip Cookies are just mini pancakes, yes?

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