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All Caught Up + 30 Weeks! (Friday Catch Up 11/17)

I know, it has been a week, but it is time for the Friday Catch Up! Find out what I’ve been up to over the past week!

Want to know why there are no “posts you may have missed?” Let me sum up our weekend:

  • We gorged ourselves on an EPIC Frances Deli brunch. I got another giant omelet with rye bread, Alex got a fabulous BLAT on sourdough, and we shared fries and two buttermilk pancakes.

  • Then we went grocery shopping. I got my workout crutching about after that meal. OOFter
  • That evening, we watched 4 episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7 after a dinner of salmon and Brussels sprouts (we needed something easy after that meal!)
  • Sunday, Alex did work, we finished Season 7, and then we got laundry done while I went into the storage unit for some necessary things. I got less than 1000 steps on Sunday.

But, in case you DID miss it… Handful published a post of mine talking about body image!

Ok, so now for this week’s catch up… though maybe it is more a Week in Review?

Friday Catch Up 11/17

1) The baby shower is planned! Welllllllll…. ish. The baby shower is planned-ish. We know when (mid-December and mid-PM), we know what we’ll be eating (cupcakes and cookies and candy, naturally), we’ve sent out the invites… but we don’t know where as of yet. A friend was generous enough to offer her place, but as Alex and I put together the guest list, we realized that it would just be too onerous to ask her to host because, at last count, we had about 30-50 people we could expect to come! FAR more than I would have ever expected, but I can thank Alex for having friends, while I have people that I can scare into coming 😀

Could you say no to this face?

Unfortunately, neither of our parents is going to be able to come, but we expected that–it is FAR more important to me that they be here for the birth (or just after) than the shower, and we will be seeing them at Thanksgiving aka in one week! 

2) Speaking of, HOLY COW HOW IS THANKSGIVING IN ONE WEEK. I’m so excited to go back to Palmetto Bluff for Thanksgiving with the Lemmer crew and my mom and brother! I wish my dad could be there, but he has to hold down court elsewhere. Just means more food for preggo-Mc-preggo over here. 

See picture at the top of the post….

During our trip, we are going to have some pictures taken by an old running friend who just moved to Charleston! She reached out and offered to do some pictures because we would be so close, and I jumped on that–it would have been just as lovely to see her! Now, if only the dress that I ordered to wear for the pictures would get here…. grrrrrr.

I’m also going to HOPEFULLY be off crutches by then, but I’ll admit, I’m a little worried. This past week hasn’t been totally without discomfort. I can feel my hip, even if there isn’t much pain. I don’t know. We’ll just see what they say. 

3) This weekend, I am going to get my meal prepping on. Like, in a HUGE way. Remember how much cooking I would do during the weekends of my embryo transfers? I’m going to put that to shame. Jewel-Osco, which is one of our favorite grocery stores, now offers delivery, and they are going ot bring me everything that I need to make 4 of my favorite freezable slow cooker recipes. Don’t you worry, I’ll have a full recap of my epicness! Not sure if our freezer will be able to handle it, though, lol. 

Already got things working!

4) Lest you think that I actually have my sh** together… on Wednesday, I slept in for the first time in ages (I can’t remember the last time I slept without major interruption until 7:40), and then greeted the dog walker (who, thankfully, I now know well because she has become Ridley’s regular morning walker) in my towel. Ridley hadn’t even been let out of her crate yet! Plus, the lights in the majority of the apartment were off, the dishwasher was open (airing after running the night before), and Alex’s sheets and pillow and clothes were out in the living room because he had been on call the night before  Oh, and there was cat vomit on the floor. I didn’t even know that it was pouring outside, and Kate (the walker) would be dealing with that! 

Pretty much

I have a feeling that this is not the last time that I will be found in such a state. Only next time? The main difference will be the amount of sleep I had gotten leading in to the sleeping in! And I probably won’t be showered. 

5) Preggo belly update: Yoshi is pushing forward! Last Friday night, she shifted, and it looked like I had gone 2 weeks in 2 hours. She is also dancing away in there, or swimming and repositioning her goggles, as we jokingly say. Did you see the video on my instagram

But she is doing great, measuring on point, sounding fab. And we are now scheduled out as far as 36 weeks. FULL TERM. Good gravy. We should probably buy diapers?

Instead of doing those necessary things, I went back to Frances’ yesterday for another omelet. I sent Alex a text apologizing, but it was very very necessary. 

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This weekend, Alex and I are hopefully going to see each other–he was been working like a dog this week. We were really happy he was able to make it to our OB appointment, but then he got paged and had to go right back in. I have a bunch of deliveries and meet ups on Sunday, but as I have nothing scheduled (…I think) and it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I’m thinking I will probably try to spend some time in the nursery making it less of a tornado ravaged area. We shall see.

Have a great weekend!

Do you ever apologize to your friends or significant others for going somewhere without them?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? US or not, are you going to take advantage of US Black Friday?

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