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28 Weeks Later + In-Laws to the Rescue (Friday Catch Up 11/3)

If you don’t like pregnancy updates, move on, there will be more for you later! Or read anyway and get a treat at the end. Regardless, I am 28 weeks along and, thanks to my in-laws, our apartment is a whole lot cleaner!

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Friday Catch Up:

1) All I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR GOOD FAMILIES. My mom happened to come the weekend that I broke myself and had bronchitis, and Alex’s family came for the week to help us with household chores and taking care of Ridley. Little did they know that they would also be getting me during a major resurgence of my cold! Seriously, you can hardly hear me right now. 

They have been awesome, helping with laundry and groceries one day and then spending multiple days working on our apartment to clean it! Alex hasn’t been able to clean since my mom was here, and so things were a bit… er… in need of a buff. 

On crutches. Same rules apply

Plus, it has just been lovely to catch up with and spend time with them. We will see them and my mom and brother in just a few weeks in South Carolina!

2) Speaking of a few weeks… I followed up with a variety of doctors this week, and the consensus by all is that I should stay on my crutches for the full 6 weeks due to my pregnant condition and predispositions, etc, also the stage of pregnancy that I am at (even more calcium is going to the baby). BLARG. So I am looking at getting off of the b***h sticks the Tuesday of Thanksgiving. As long as I don’t have to be on them in South Carolina….

Such good memories!

Other doctor news: I had my 28 week OB appointment (officially 3rd trimester!!!) and glucose test. I was alllll worried about that darn glucose test, not because I thought I would fail, but because of the liquid. 

Dude, if you are a runner and like sweets, that stuff is EASY. Basically, watered down sports drink but less salty. Easy peasy. The worst part was the fact that I was parched because my cold had come back with a vengeance the night before and thus my throat was dry and sore. But otherwise, it was fine. 

Yoshi measured a little small with a slightly slower heartbeat, but all still within the range of normal, just lower end. No lie, I think part of it was because she was ALL THE WAY to the right and quite asleep, or at least not tap dancing. So I’m not worried. 

I got to meet up with a friend who is having a scheduled C-section next week right after so that I could eat something with some substance, so it was a baby filled morning! I’m so excited for her, but I can’t imagine knowing exactly when everything is happening! I guess this is kind of her version of my IVF follow ups, when you know exactly when you are going to find out everything!

3) We’ve gone out to eat quite a bit while the in-laws have been here, but I’ve also managed to fix some healthy meals. On Tuesday I made a 3 sheet pan meal of salmon, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potato with some delicious fresh cranberry walnut bread from a local cafe (basically, they messed up an order and gave us a loaf of the bread that got messed up). My MIL had brought sea salt caramels for us, and we had gotten cookies and cream ice cream the day before, so it was a feast! Even better that Alex’s call was pretty relaxed and he got to join us!

This slow cooker chicken marinara stew is the perfect healthy dinner and perfect for meal prep! Gluten free, dairy free, high protein, Whole 30 approved, and HUGE in flavor. @suzlyfe

For Thursday, I made my slow cooker Italian Chicken Marinara Stew and served it over pasta (for some) and with more of the bread). Delicious, nutritious, and SO EASY.

4) Speaking of Alex… more technology woes. His phone is basically useless thanks to an expired iTunes account, even after he spent an hour with the Apple people and did everything they asked. 

5) I’m having so much fun working with Landon and Landon Lacey Jewelry. You know I’m not going to say that everything happens for a reason or is a blessing in disguise (because, if so, my blessings are HELLA expensive and we can’t afford them), but as PO’d as I was/am and annoying as this injury is, I’m having a great time with her, I’m having fun with the work, and we are already moving forward in really productive ways. 

Oh and BTW:

If you have a November birthday or KNOW anyone who has a November birthday, you can enter to win this GORGEOUS necklace from LLJ featuring your birthstone, smokey topaz, suspended from a delicate gold chain! Enter here!

Isn’t it fabulous? Win it for yourself or your favorite person!

Ok, friends, I am off. FIL is taking Ridley to the vets today to get a growth checked out, and I think MIL and I are going to tackle some storage wars while he is gone. Then Farmhouse for dinner (my Kodiak Cakes dinner reminded me of my love for it!).  Alex is off tomorrow, so it is going to another family filled day before they head back. 

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Was your glucose test intolerable or easy?

Do you cook when family visits? What about long term visits?

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