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Short and Sweet (24 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 7/13)

Hey! I just realized that it is Friday the 13th! Welcome to the Friday Catch Up!

I came at you mid week with a post about Emmie’s big Georgia debut (yes, Mom, that makes her debutante…)

Friday Catch Up 7/13

1) Emmie Updates!

Well, I don’t want to press my luck, but Emmie’s sleep issues appear to have been travel induced. She woke up 10:30 on Monday night, and I thought oooooh here we go. But then she stayed asleep until nearly 5 AM, so I think she was just hungry and super overtired. Since then, she has been relatively back on schedule at night and taking her normal longer nap + one other shorter nap (usually) during the day.

This week, we have been working on sitting up! She is obviously still super wobbly, but starting to use her arms to prop herself up more, and we are using the boppy to surround her in case she dive bombs to the side. But her core has really kicked in with regards to sitting.

Rolling is still an issue. Remember when she used to roll? I do, too, but she doesn’t. I think that a big part oof it is that she has grown so much lately that she doesn’t really understand that the old tricks down work. Actually, she might understand that very well–and so she just doesn’t even try! Literally face plants into the floor. We are going to a Big Muscles for Little Babies class today, so I’m hoping they can give me some ideas!

Oh, our hilarious and tragic new trick is blowing raspberries when we are overwhelmed. As in, sobbing because we are overtired and blowing raspberries while sobbing. Sometimes even while nursing. It is pretty freaking funny, honestly. But also tragic. Being a baby is tough. 

I know. She is the cutest.

She has gotten huge over the past two weeks, I swear. So much longer! She is busting out of her changing table, totally filling out her bodysuits. I have a pack of the same size diapers that I haven’t used yet, and I’m nervous to open them and only use a few of them! She has gone up 2 diaper sizes in the past month, lol. She’s going through few diapers, as well, because she doesn’t have as many dirty diapers, and the bigger diapers also hold more wet. So we have really stretched this pack of diapers and might not need all of the next pack. So I might be returning them, I don’t know!

#firstworldproblems I know. But I hate being wasteful, in any capacity.

Oh! The other big news is that Em has started staying with a sitter for a few hours this week, and so far smooth sailing! Our sitter is awesome, and they get on so well. SO grateful for her. 

2) Health and Fitness Update:

I started my iron infusions this week, and I really hope that they will help with my general fatigue. Emmie is staying with the sitter while I am getting them done (remember the first time that I tried to take her to an infusion). 

I’m still not running, and I’m actually really babying my hip. I can’t afford an injury, and though my hip/femur doesn’t hurt, I don’t want it to start. I probably won’t be running for a while just to make sure. But I’m doing my push ups and planks at home!

I went to Stroller Strides on Wednesday, though, for some social time and a workout! Emmie was a star, but she was definitely getting hungry, so we left after we finished. I’m hoping to join in on the fun after class next week, though!

3) Alex Update

Emmie and I unfortuntately haven’t seen too much of Alex this week. We got to see him on Monday after we came home, and it was so freaking ADORABLE how huge she smilled when she looked up and saw him. That was just such a cool moment. It is the first time that she has really, truly been separated from him for a while (that week after vacation was tough, but he saw her a few time interspersed throughout), and so to have her so obviously recognize him and get excited about seeing him was the best. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t feel well for the first half of the week, so it watered down the reunion, but it really was great to be back with him. I felt like I hardly spoke to him while we were gone between his work and then Emmie being asleep (and I would be in the room with her) or doing things with her.

He is on backup call this weekend, and there is a real chance that he might get called in because the service has been so bananas recently. I hope for all of our sakes that he doesn’t–he and Em need some time together!

It is a short catch up this week. Emmie and I have mostly been working on skills and things at home, and the weekend was so filled with excitement for her that I’m glad it was low key. Besides, the next few weekends are filled with things, so I think we all needed a relatively quiet week!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

What has this post holiday week been like for you?

Do you have another exciting weekend planned?

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