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2017 Priorities and a Few Goals

Setting the tone of my life with priorities and guiding my days with goals, here are my 2017 intentions for the year.

Last year, in the midst of the broken back turmoil and all of the ish that went along with it, I declared 2016 to be the year of priorities, not goals. This year, I am keeping with the same idea, but I am going to start to include some goals just to see if I can actually accomplish some things.

2017 Priorities and Goals

2017 Priorities and Goals. I've found that setting priorities is a better method of guiding my life than making goals or resolutions. What are your life priorities? @Suzlyfe

(These aren’t going to change too terribly much from last year)

Family + Family Health

I have a beautiful little family up here in Chicago: Alex, Ridley, Zoe and I are a fearsome foursome (mostly because Zoe is scared of everything, and, well, we are hot messes). Beyond that, I have an amazing and supportive immediate family and in-laws (yes, we get along, lol). My top priority, as always, is to maintain the health of our relationships and to continue to foster those relationships consistently. I would love to try to be in more consistent touch with certain members of my family this year. But that is very much on me (it isn’t like they haven’t tried!).


  • Work on meaningful conversation with various members of my family; give more than just brief responses when they email me (also, get them on to the email addresses that I actually check!).
  • Be kinder. Stop expecting people to know everything and then snapping at them when they don’t.  That’s rude and unfair. Start remembering that I want be a parent and act accordingly. 

Personal Physical and Mental Health

Last year, my being was up and down and all around: I was in remission for Crohn’s Disease, then I was in a flare. I was doing great mentally, then I was dealing with situational depression and anxiety. Taking care of my mental and physical well being is going to be as important as ever this year, with IVF and the stresses that the process will bring upon my body and mind. I am trying to be proactive by seeing a psychiatrist/psychotherapist who specializes in women’s behavioral health, and we are already starting to dig up topics for real discussion. I already have a doctor’s appointment with my digestive specialist on the books in the next few weeks to reassess my levels and see how I am doing.


  • Go to the dentist for a cleaning and the dermatologist for a skin check (after the current skin issues are over)
  • Continue to keep care of my mental health with regular therapy
  • Be kinder to myself when the time of according to plan so that I can ACT rather than fall to pieces and need to be rescued (like this weekend)

Adulting (Life and Career)

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m not the best at adulting. Sure, I can be “adult,” but really? I’m pretty crap at it. I think part of it is me rebelling against what is expected of me, part is being scared of success (and failure), and part of  is lack consistency in my adulting attempts.


  • Take over the finances so that Alex doesn’t have to deal with them
  • Regular cleaning schedule! Start a chart to check off until it is second nature like groceries!
  • I’m never going to be able to keep a budget, but I’d love to have explore keeping certain expenses down. 
  • Cook and/or create something in the kitchen every week. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but I need to branch out more. 
  • Get back to using a planner. I just got a new one (and it came in the mail yesterday wooooot), and I need to get back to using it as a concrete reminder of things to do, recordings of daily life to help me keep track of how I feel and what we do, etc.
  • WRITE AN EBOOK. I have 3 eBooks that I have started working on. Let’s actually do one of them. 
  • Make some decisions regarding my various pursuits. And stick to them. Commit to them.
  • Work with Ridley regularly on her training. Girl needs some direction and a “job.”
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Getting really tired of wearing (two pairs of) pants and having responsibilities. 

What works best for you: goals, intentions, or priorities?

Do you use a paper planner or something digital?

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