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2016 My Year In Running

Well, 2016 has been quite an interesting year in running for me. Care to look back on the evolution of a year of recovery?

2016 My Year In Running

Running By the Numbers

My first month of running since breaking my back. April Miles Bring May Smiles! @sulyfe

My first month of running since breaking my back. April Miles Bring May Smiles!

I didn’t keep track of the miles, but I will say that for the past 2 months, I’ve been averaging 30-40 mile weeks and loving it. A marked difference from 0 miles at the beginning of the year! But, for the sake of being a team player:

1 DNS (Boston Marathon)
1 Half Marathon (Mag Mile Half)
3 10Ks (BTN Big 10K, AMITA Fitness for America 10K (dropped down from the half), Run 10 Feed 10k)
2 5Ks (Palmetto Bluff Turkey Trot, Wanderlust 5k)

April was my first month of running throughout the month, and it was followed by one of the hardest months of my life due to mental health (depression and anxiety) issues as well as physical issues. 

Best Run

How gorgeous is this weather! Perfect for a late summer run along the lake front of Chicago @suzlyfe

Every run was my best run this year, because every run was a run. Even the BTN Big 10k, when I was in the midst of a Crohn’s Disease flare and barely finished, was a gift for the miles and the fact that I got to run much of it with Alex (and give others race entries!).

Alex and I before the race! Amita Health Fitness For America Sunset Half Marathon/10k/5k Race Review and Race recap at

Best Running Advice

Well, I gave plenty of running advice myself via Running Coaches Corner

Best Race Experience

The Mag Mile Half Marathon was my best race. I hit my goals, got to run my city, see friends, be cheered on by my old athletes as I ran by them, and Alex finished the race with me. The only goal that I didn’t nail was the fact that I took a bathroom break, but my running time (without the stop) meant that I hit my A goal and I got my half marathon sans bathroom break the next week!

Favorite Medal

You are going to notice a trend here, but Mag Mile Women’s Half Marathon. That race gave me back much of my confidence in myself, and gave me closure on my return to running.

Favorite Picture from a Run or Race this Year

We knocked it out of the park! Don't miss this recap and review of the Chicago Run Mag Mile Half Marathon and 5k! This flat fast course is perfect for a PR! Get the full review at

My first half marathon after Sacral Stress Fracture!

The fact that Alex was with me for all of my races this year mean that I have 4 favorite pictures. But my favorite favorite? Mag Mile. I am just so happy–to have run the race that I did and to have Alex there.

My Year of Running in a Word:

Resurgens. Though this was the word that I associated with the Phoenix Marathon (full explanation of that here). But this year was truly my resurgens year, my year of rising up from the ashes and finding myself again as a runner. I had to figure out how to navigate coming back from my injury (the fear, the pains, the changes in my own running and my identity as a “fast” runner). I owe so much of my return to running to the incredible support that I received from each of you, my family, my clients and my Team Challenge family, and especially Alex, whose newfound love for running got me going.

What Is Up Next?

Saying goodbye to running again. I have started to discuss this, but my IVF journey is going to necessitate that I take another forced break from logging miles. I honestly think that everyone else has been freaking out about me freaking out about it even more than I am! Thoughts on that are to come, but I will be at least be able to start the year with a run, even if I have to stop running just a few days in.

Why Resurgens perfectly describes Suz's Year in #running #runchat #fitfluential Click To Tweet

What word would you choose to describe your year in running or in fitness?

Thank you to Courtney for hosting the Year of Running Linkup!

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