#MIMM Win Some, Lose Some, But Always Come Out on Top


Edited to add: NOT MARVELOUS is 95% of flights getting cancelled because fuel literally froze. So back home we go. Don’t know if we will be able to go at all, but I’ll keep you posted and I’m still going to proceed with my guest posts as planned! These ladies wrote some beautiful things and they deserve it. Keep your fingers crossed for us, though, please.20140106-064036.jpg

And welcome to the first Marvelous in my Monday of the new year!


Hola, mi amigos! I am (hopefully) currently en route to San Jose del Cabo for a little respite from the NEGATIVE temps in Chicago and some much desired snuggling with my mommy. The husband and dad can go have spa time together; Mom and I will be getting our beach on. So. Pumped.

In fact, I am not going to send this to publish until I know for sure that we will be taking off. I don’t care how much de-icing they need to do. Get the plane off the ground.

My weekend was rather meh in terms of excitement.
One super duper awesome thing DID happen, though:

Proof that I’m kind of a huge deal.

Further proof #bartyassoismyhomeboy

There were 2 massive fails on the hospitality sector, one on NYE (actually New Years Day–it took us 2 hours to get our coats back from the coat check at the nightclub where we celebrated with friends–this is why I do not go to clubs on big nights. People were literally getting punched in the face. Also, what type of coat check doesn’t put the coats in order?) and one Saturday night.

Remember how I told you about the whole doing away with auto-gratuity in Illinois? Well guess what. We had our first major casualty. A party of 30 left FIFTY F***ING DOLLARS on a $1000 + tab. You should not be allowed to exist. What incenses me more than anything is not even that the servers got SCREWED for this, but that our support staff, who are lovely, extremely hard working men, basically slaved for free. That is unexceptable.

get out pointBut, in the spirit of Katie’s link up, I want to focus on some marvelous.

Marvelous is getting tarted up for the first time in a long time and celebrating like it’s 2013 for the last time.

Marvelous is not, however, taking 1 hour to do what is usually a 20-30 min walk because of unplowed sidewalks and 4.5 in heels. This was after the 2 hour coat debacle.

Marvelous is catching z’s on the banquette of the VIP area while your husband saves the day and somehow gets your coats.

Marvelous is not, however, being poked awake by a security guy telling me that I had to wake up. He probably thought that I was wasted. Nope. I had the equivalent of 2 drinks over the whole night.

Marvelous is staying up past 12 without the help of caffeine.

Marvelous is not, however, the fact that Diet Coke was not included with bottle service. What type of country is this?

Marvelous is a quiet New Years Day for the most part, and a solid 7 mile run. Also the fact that I can go from treadmill to walking out the door having showered, dressed, and with makeup on in 20 mins. Even though I had to go to work, I made enough money to justify it.

Marvelous is not, however, walking on unplowed sidewalks. Really, Chicago? I don’t care if it is a holiday.

Marvelous is all of the time I have gotten to indulge in with my husband over the past 2 weeks. After we get back from Mexico, it will be Sayonara, Alex, as he goes into a 4 month block of inpatient. So, needless to say, we have been enjoying it as much as possible. Movies, food, relaxing, lots of ice cream, and spying on the neighbors. Basically living the Rear Window life.

Marvelous is really connecting with amazing people, and saving their emails until I know I will have enough time to read them and then write a ridiculously long response to them. And speaking of, stay tune for 2 guest posts this week! The first is tomorrow!!!

Marvelous is a puffy coat, warm Uggs, good gloves, and a sherpa hat. See last Friday’s post and then look at the weather in Chicago. If you need further explanation, we cannot be acquainted.

Marvelous is pushing the running, and just enough. I am planning on backing off a bit this week, and enjoying whatever comes our way in Mexico (I will be running at least once, dur). I pushed it this past month, though, and while nearly all miles were on the Tmill, I’ve done 100+ since this day early December. A few 30 mile weeks, and I feel solid. The legs are tired, and ready for a rest (the peroneal is definitely a little achy), but I feel good. I end every run feeling better than I started, and I end every run feeling just damn good.

Marvelous is getting some of my shape back, not so much getting big, but getting some umph. Also, I love my new lifting top. I call it a lifting top because I don’t run in it, but I have worn it nearly every day this week to lift. #sorrynotsorry.

Shameless. But Proud. And Long Hair Don't Care.

Shameless. But Proud. And Long Hair Don’t Care.

A few random things that are putting the marvelous back in my Monday:

Clean sheets

A -relatively- clean apartment.

Knowing that I am leaving on a jet plane from the frigid arctic of Chicago to the warm (it’ll be cool at night, but wtf cares) and sunny, whale-watching, fresh-fish abundant waters of the Sea of Cortez. And that my husband is in the seat next to me, and my mom and dad will be receiving us. And that the flights are nonstop. And who cares that we are waking up at 4? And that we will probably be delayed for deicing? It’s not like I’d be sleeping much anyway!!!

The prospect of wearing a maxi dress. And a fedora. For a good reason.

A GIGANTIC bowl of Chocolate Chunk Black Cherry Ice Cream (not so marvelous–finishing the carton).

And this.

And this.

Kay’s Natural Pretzel Sticks–new fave work food.

Black Cherry Fresca.

All of them, for different reasons.

All of them, for different reasons.

And with these things I will leave you. Come back tomorrow for an amazing post from an amazing lady. Besitos!!
how did you win some/lose some but still come out on top this weekend?

4 thoughts on “#MIMM Win Some, Lose Some, But Always Come Out on Top

  1. I,pm so sorry your flight was cancelled :( I know you were looking forward to your trip and I do hope you’re still able to go!! I love that you always manage to stay positive no matter what. Not a bad trait to have! You should probably go buy some more ice cream… Just sayin’ desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • You are so right. Luckily I did last night. And guest what flavorrrrrrrrrr. (Our favorite ;) )

  2. Whoa…$50 for $1000 and that many people?? That’s absolutely absurd! I’m so sorry to hear that hun…I hope everything works out for the Wednesday departure! Enjoy ALL of the time you guys get together…the next four months sound rough :( I’m glad that you have such a good attitude with everything, though…and I’m slightly jealous of the miles you logged this month…I miss mine :( but I’m glad I got any this week and hope to continue to do what I can till February!

    • Dude you are going to KILL IT once you return to the streets. And besides, who the f wants to voluntarily run in the snow and ice? It’ll be far safer and better for you once it warms up. I miss running outside… Gonna try and get a few in whist we are in Mexico (we. Are. Going. Nuff said). But the left peroneal is abarkin’ so we’ll see). So excited for your post tomorrow!!!

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