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Here Comes the Sun (15.5 Months + Catch Up 5/6)


Even with all the rain, ti has been another active week over here! The rain might have made us do even more becuase we had to come up with activities. I’ll tell you all about it!

Did you real the last catch up? Lots of great pics and Emmies 15 month Well Child Visit!

Catch Up 5/6

This week was supposed to be the grand return of Stroller Strides to the outdoors for the season, but in typical Chicago fashion, we had to waitwhile it poured, drizzled, and threatened on and off until Friday. No matter, we still had a great final few workouts (except for rain days) at the Fieldhouse, and a fun stay and play planned by Holly!

Emmie mostly had fun stealing other kids’ water bottles and pushing her stroller around, as one does. Shrug.

Something super exciting happened during her nap, though: her big girl car seat arrived! It is SO PRETTAY. We got the “Pembroke” color aka mint because we fancy. I installed it while she was napping (relax, I have a monitor, and she is right upstairs). I also fit the cargo mat to the rear area and put in the dog car seat cover. So once we got the clicker and the parking space on Tuesday, we were allllll set with the car! (of course, now the tire pressure sensor is on, but whatever)

Emmie really likes the new car seat, though it has taken me a few days to get her and it fitted properly. I’m happy with it now, however. And I love that I can see her in the little mirror that we have for the headrest. It is adorable–when she gets really fussy, I sing to her (right now it is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”) and can watch her do little motions and, at the end of the song when I ask her if she want me to “sing it again?”, I see her nod, and we start all over!


Tuesday we went up and played with Ryan while Ali had a dentist appointment. The girls are getting more and more to the point of actually interacting with each other, as I mentioned before. They are still more in the independent play phase, but there are moments when they engage each other, which is exciting to see from a social development standpoint. Also, the girls were starving before Ali got back, so we had quite a lot of snacks.

I might have had quite a few snacks, as well. Ali needed to eat when she got back, though, so we went for a quick lunch where the girls ate nothing, but we all got to hang out.

Emmie had a busy Wednesday! We started with an art class at a super cute kids art studio. Emmie looked adorable in her smock but wanted nothing to do with the art project. She just wanted to play with the toys that were for non-art time and wash her hands in the bucket. We will be back in a few months to try again.

Girlfriend was apparently starving–she had a full breakfast and more, and between class and Strides, she ate half a sandwich, half a pouch, beans, and then had goldfish during class! After her nap she had another sandwich and cottage cheese before Broadway and Me!

#nottired #totallyfine

Broadway was super fun–it was Anastasia this week, and Emmie actually participated. She also got up onto the mat several times by herself! She was so proud. She still doesn’t really care for how squishy it is, and there are a few bulges that cna trip up the kids, so she is wary of that. But she was REALLY into the parachute.

The next morning was yet another rainy day. So I took Ridley to Urban Pooch to let off some steam and play and took Emmie to the Lakeview location of Present Place for some fun playtime! She had a great time. That facility is beautiful! And there were mats for her to practice going up and down, haha.

I had a phone call during her naptime and then got my run in, but the reason I didn’t do Strides on Thursday was because I was going to Body Ignite that evening. Body Ignite is a new class offering from Fit4Mom, and it is a no-impact, all strength and stabilization class using the workout bar. I started getting a migraine a bit before it (actually, it was the continuation of one, but the pain set in then), and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the class. But focusing on the moves, being with friends, and caffeine helped my head enough to have a great time and even made it so I could have a bite to eat with the group after. I really liked Body Ignite and would definitely add it to my weekly classes!

On Friday, Emmie and I went back to Smart Love, and Ali and Ryan were supposed to join us, but Ali wasn’t feeling well. Emmie mostly wanted to play in and drink the water/paint. She had a great time playing in the little kitchen!

Though it was a little chilly and a little windy, we finally got to have Strides outside! And then we had craft and made unicorns and superheroes. Emmie made an Emmicorn. Holly and Max came over for a bit to hang out while Em was napping (girlfriend was tired). Holly and I basically blabbered for 2 hours and Max got to play with Emmie’s toys, which he throughly enjoyed.

Emmie LOVED swim on Saturday. She was splish splashing all over. We are going to have to take a month off soon because of travel and such, but then I will get the chance to do swim lessons with Emmie after that when Alex has Saturday clinic. I should probably get an appropriate suit…. slash a suit I feel comfortable in.

That afternoon, we headed out to Lake Forest for a BBQ for the fellows hosted by one of the attendings. It was a GOREGOUS afternoon, and we had such a great time. Emmie really started playing with our friend’s 18 month old! She did plenty of her own stuff, but by the end they were chasing each other and shrieking and having a great time. It was her bedtime when we left, unfortunately, and it was a 40 minute drive home. She was upset the whole way, and wouldn’t go to sleep even with her paci, which she only gets for sleep. Alex couldn’t even brush her teeth and only read her one story! Worn out and happy baby!

Sunday was a spectacular day–truly beautiful. Alex had his longest training run for the half marathon, and I did half of it with him for my longest run in a long time. Frustratingly, we had some stroller issues–a major shimmy in the wheel, and then listing to the right in fixed mode. I was aggravated, to say the least, but I still had fun.

Unicorn slippers

What do you do after a long run? Refuel! We headed to D4 (you know we love it) for brunch with some old friends (our hosts the first time we came to Chicago, and Alex and she have been friends since they were kids!). After our gluttony the night before (which finished with a from-scratch chocolate cake and vanilla gelato and NO SHAME), I’m glad I had the long run to make room in my belly for my favorite sweet potato fries!

And especially because Alex wanted Tarascas later on 😀

I did a solo grocery run because Emmie took forever to go down for her nap. She just needed to play with her boy Jelly for an hour first. We did an earlier Tarascas dinner and managed to get a table, but it was packed. Emmie basically had a meltdown, but luckily there was so much noise we were the only ones who noticed! We both think she just wanted to play and was tired of being cooped up.

She did manage to get beans everywhere, though. She is currently refusing to wear bibs, so all clothes are in the line of fire.

We came home after and played for a good long time before I managed to get the majority of a sandwich down her and then it was bed time!

Oh, did I mention that we watched the first 3 episodes of the last season of Game of Thrones on Tuesday? Now we have to watch last night’s episode!

We have classes and such scheduled this week, but we will see what we actually end up going to because of weather and whatever. Thank goodness for the car!

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