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10 Month Emmie Update + Fit4Mom Filled Weekend! (Catch Up 12/3)

Wow, what a weekend! So much fun with friends, after a weekend that was so filled with fun with family! Let me get you caught up!

I almost feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, lol. I totally forgot to do a Friday Catch Up last week, but here is our amazing Thanksgiving Trip! I need to get my act together–there are so many great moments during this time of year that it would be a shame to miss them!

Emmie 10 Months+ Catch Up 12/3

I realized that I didn’t give any major Emmie development and interest updates in my last post, so I want to start there.

It is amazing to both Alex and I how much she has changed over the past month–she no longer looks like a “baby” but rather a little kid. Her features are really maturing, as is her personality.

Thanksgiving Outfit

She continues to have a studious and serious side, but she also has this totally goofy and hilarious side where she just gets going and zooms around the place. She is a very fast crawler, when she wants to be. Like when she sees that the baby gate is open, or that we forgot to pick up Ridley’s water bowl. 

She is still a hesitant walker, but getting more and more confident every day, especially since Thanksgiving. She adores her walker, and we actually utilize our long apartment building hallway so that we aren’t just doing repeats in our small living room/dining room. 

After lots of protest and some crying about falling (like onto her butt), she is less concerned about that, and she pulls up onto anything she can get a good grip on (or not a good grip on, lol). That includes our pants, which sometimes works, sometimes not. 

I keep trying to incentivize her standing, so I only let her play with the remotes and phones (which she mostly studies and gnaws on) when she is standing, and we have *officially* reached the age where she gets really mad if you take something away from her that she wasn’t quite finished yet. I’ve seen my first little tantrums in the past week!

One of her little tantrums was over me taking away her sippy cup, which she wasn’t using correctly and was literally just sucking air. I gave her a straw cup that went much better, and she is now obsessed with straw cups. 

Other things she is very enarmored of? Clapping and waving. We aren’t quite consistently blowing kisses or high fiving, but girlfriend loves herself a good clap and can wave in 3 different ways (whole arm, turning at wrist, opening and closing fist). So we have that going for us.

Food has been a lttle bit of a struggle recently, actually. She still seems to be self weaning to an extent in that she has drastically cut down on the amount of time that she nurses at any single event as well as the number of times throughout the day. Yet she still needs the boob, and she still won’t drink more that 4 oz from a bottle over the course of the entire day (much less at once).

And weaning continues to be a bit of a conundrum because it does not appear that she is ready for dairy fter all. She developed diarrhea upon our leaving Palmetto Bluff, and it escalated quickly during the week. Ultimately, her number of dirty diapers has gone down, but she is having blatant diarrhea since we introduced straight yogurt. So we are going to cut out all dairy again this week and assess the results. If she can’t handle full dairy, then we will assess her with soy, I guess, to see if she can do soy milk or a soy based formula. 

With her slightly upset tummy, her eating hasn’t been super consistent. I am hoping that getting her off the milk will help her feel better so that I can feel better about the amount of food she is eating! She isn’t really loving anything right now, though she did eat a half an avocado in one go the other day. But generally, her meals are more like snacks, and a far cry from her full bowls of oats with formula and peanut butter and banana with milk. 

She is also being super difficult with feeding herself. We can hardly let her use the spoon herself right now. She just waves it around and uses it as a toy. Some times she demands that we feed her and others she demands to feed herself, and she just won’t accept the alternative.

How do we know that she won’t accept the alternative? Because she waves her hand in front of her face to push us away and shakes her head at us defiantly! Girl knows how to say no!

That doesn’t mean I don’t have some tricks up my sleeve. You just have to a) make her think that it is her idea or b) immediately distract her so that she doesn’t realize that she has been tricked.

She has her quirks, but she is still such a good kid. By and large, she is super happy, and even when she gets angry, or is about to cry, she gives us a warning by “singing” — basically yellingish (like a 6 out of 10). She will do that for about 5-10 minutes before she “blows.” But we gets lots of smiles until that point. Lots of showing off her “toofs”–two on top, two on bottom. 

Ok, after all of that, let’s quickly look back at the past week and remember the awesome events that occured!

Week Catch Up 12/3

1). See above lol

2) Between the snowstorm and the poop storm, we spent much of the beginning of last week at home. But that was fine, I think we both needed some time to chill and to work on walking and other skills. We still took our walks, though, once the snow had stopped. Thank goodness for the BoB! That thing is a champ. 

3) Thursday -Sunday was all about spending time with my Fit4Mom family! Thursday night was Mom’s Night Out at my fave Tarascas, then Friday was Strides,


home for a nap, and then playgroup at EnerGEEwhiz (a super cool play space for kiddos).

We joined up with Ali, Justin and Ryan on Saturday for dinner and playtime at their place, and then Sunday, another mom and friend hosted a football party (we showed up late because someone needed a nap BADLY, and I was dealing with a migraine and so also needed to rest). We stopped by a baby shower for one of Alex’s collegue’s on the way home. 

It was a fantastic weekend, even if my head did try to spoil it!

4) Somehow, in the midst of everything, I did quite a bit of cooking. In between Strides and playgroup on Friday, I made chocolate chip cookies and Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats (OMG SO GOOD).

Seriously, they are amazing.  And beyond easy. Metled butter + mini marshmallows + rice krispies mixed together, then fold in extra marshmallows. Set up on nonstick paper. Then top with melted chocolate chips and add extra marshmallows to the top! Let set in fridge!. SO AMAZING

I am continuing to make lots of different types of pancakes for Emmie, and they are quickly becoming my breakfast as well! I’m finishing off the Greek yogurt ones for her. #alwaysheretohelp

Alex is having my Chicken Marinara Stew for his meals this week, and I am going to make my turkey chili this week.

5) This week is busy at the beginning and not fully booked yet for the second half. We have Gym Babies today (Monday), I have Remicade on Tuesday, Stroller Strides Christmas/Holiday Party on Wednesday, and potentially a music class on Thursdya. Then Alex has call before a week void of plans for the moment. And then Alex works for 19 days straight…. but hopefully the last time he has to do any of these big stretches!

Do you always wave the same way? or do you have particular waves for particular people? 

What is the last recipe that you gussied up?

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